Huang Taiji business model finally to keep on fighting, the number of transition wheref you want to

can not become a common meal, as non-staple food cannot be high consumption, this category limitations led directly to Huang Taiji stores has plenty of spare capacity for the catering industry, this is undoubtedly fatal.

‘s self assessment has important implications. If you’re meant to be an entrepreneur, you don’t have to ask anyone else’s opinion. You will start, if you are the kind of standard deviation outside, then you need to find a suitable environment, which means you have to find the right opportunity as a target, you need to find and understand what kind of key talents with you, the partnership to find your missing parts.

1, know how good you really are,

restaurant industry business model of the big outbreak, from the Internet era began.

hall food meal, telephone booking, packing, delivery and telephone, greatly enriched gradually by the Internet, mobile Internet traffic from 2010 2012 O2O group purchase, delivery, and interspersed among the network sale, semi-finished products can customize…… During this time, the traditional model also enriched itself with the help of the internet.

for most technology-based startups, two skills are needed at the start: Business including sales, marketing, processing, financing and accounting and technology research and development. If you are good at one of these skills, you should find a partner who is good at other skills.

multi brand matrix, the new noun is more typical behind


at the beginning, Huang Taiji uses traditional food and beverage marketing events, celebrity marketing, attract people to shop consumption, business model is relatively simple, to put it plainly, is to sell pancakes.

how does a business person know how to work with a technical person and vice versa? Palmer thinks

category carnival, after the product model is jumping

2, willing to collaborate with


however, pancake fruit of this category of food consumption in reality and the poor situation of even more popular pancake fruit market in the north, generally for breakfast or supper.

, that is, is still in the traditional catering business model, to change the Internet marketing approach, Huang Taiji than traditional meal enterprises thinking wide, big action, with clever, the initial brand influence achievements.

Huang Taiji since 2012 was born as the Internet catering first brand, but if from the business model kernel view, which contains the Internet gene is very limited. After two times of transformation, and finally in the business model of the root nature of the transition, but faced with the situation is very embarrassing.

rich handsome pancake "carnival period, fresh period, even when Huang Taiji extended the time to shop at midnight, the effort to cultivate the market, will be as pancakes lunch and dinner consumers are still not enough to drive the entire restaurant flow.

recently the United States as a strategic consultant, venture investors in the United States PeterCohan success 5 times AndyPalmer talked about his entrepreneurial experience, Palmer shared 5 ideas must be considered in deciding whether to start before for the young. Here, let’s share these too, and if you have an idea of what you’re starting to do, see if you’re ready.

, for example, Palmer, when he created Vertica, was responsible for the business, and he worked with a database expert.

The role of the

Palmer points out that potential entrepreneurs must know where they are in the "bell shaped curve". Just as Jobs and Bill Gates are destined to be entrepreneurs, nothing can stop them. Others are just a bell shaped curve with a standard deviation. They can become entrepreneurs in the right circumstances, but most people can only be average people in terms of their entrepreneurial potential.

believes that in the next few years China’s employment situation will be more severe, so the country began to encourage college students to start their own businesses. First let go of China’s entrepreneurial environment is not good, after all, the environment changes are not overnight, but if you want to start business, there are some of their own to examine their own, is not the starting of this material?.

The traditional

Palmer believes that the idea of a heroic entrepreneur, the LarryEllison that dares to take the world by itself, is out of date. He used shlf1314 as a model, and shlf1314 was operated by three carriages, LarryPage, SergeyBrin and EricSchmidt. Each of them has different strengths, is willing to work together, and use their strengths to help the company grow and adapt to change.

, in the process, there’s an interesting example. That’s Huang Taiji.

Internet at this time is shown in diversion. The founder of micro-blog launched interactive activities, in person, fans gathered online, consumer stores fans online, the Internet is just marketing channels, in front of the supply chain and terminal ordering and payment, Huang Taiji is still the traditional mode, the middle part is still by the method of artificial hand pancakes made of food.

, but business models have not changed in essence, or have to rely mainly on product survival.

3, share the right values,

Abstract: around the various unfavorable factors, people will ask: is the to VC mode whether Huang Taiji will once again create a new self subversion, the core business model business model? What Huang Taiji where? Will become the focus of investors and catering entrepreneurs concern

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