The new and old stand in the way of optimizing the differences and common points

this chart above a search index in about 800 of the "Shanghai dragon training", Shanghai dragon within Zac pages ranked eighth. Look at the snapshot is December 13th, this with the "贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20121214/478182.shtml" this article said on the contrary, snapshot update slow, does not mean the page weight is not high, can only say that the snapshot update slow affect page ranking to front, or that the relative weight is not high, not alone. (update cycle, actually to speed up the page in the page, only need to add the latest article plate, OK, had at least three months to update the inside pages, one may only need half a month or updated once a month)

To improve the optimization of common

if today update several pieces of content, tomorrow is not updated, but the chain has been issued, a few days later, the chain rose to hundreds or even thousands, the consequences must be extended to love Shanghai audit period, serious lost website (originally site included the home page and inside pages).


new and old station in terms of the optimization is the user experience, whether new or old station, every day in the content of the user experience improve is always need to do. Because.

I read an article today, one of the manifestations of love Shanghai weight is not high site snapshot update slow, in fact, this statement is not accurate. Why do you say. First we look

website optimization. For example, a new station, just a few days on-line, so his primary task is not to send the chain, but to update the original content, continue to have regular updates, the result may be overnight snapshot or snapshot, and to quickly rank, must be within a month (the default love Shanghai audit review period) updated daily original content quantitative. As the author of 7 days and included the chain, snapshots (analytical binding domain name is December 6th on the line)

and the examples are all with the new station, that is to say, he put the "new positive weight is not high as the weight is not high, in fact, is certainly the new" amounts to nothing. Then this paper Runming on new and old Shanghai dragon standing in the way of optimizing the differences and common points and his article

If what is the relationship?The difference lies in the above ideas

is the old station, at least 1 months after the station, so the first task is to send the chain, regularly lasting increase in the chain, but also to different types of domain name chain, and preferably contains a high quality of the chain. The article is to update, but does not need to be updated every day a few articles, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (May every Thursday Friday, love Shanghai will update the update 1 article (content) is determined according to the nature of the industry). For example, Shanghai Shanghai dragon love search the first page of the website, the basic is not updated every day, in addition to the nature of the forum.

The article said that

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