Using QQ space of the original article chain do blog


have to say search search do very humane, not only can you input the keywords you want, you can also choose to log Published time, suggest that we generally choose released the same day the log is better, I think we can take any subject matter, as long as there is no love in Shanghai included, don’t worry about some mood log ah do not like the love of Shanghai welcome, the blog is used to doing? Of course is to give vent to the mood, my personal experience repeatedly mood log can be included in the sea drops.

finished looking for need of theme second step is to open several mainstream blogs, such as Shanghai Sina love space, blog and so on, then you will find the articles published in the middle up, some amount of the chain, suggest an article not more than 3, but if you publish your website and theme similar content that is more good.

? First you need a

QQ on their own space, then jump to the top of one’s center, there will be a search space log search:

can appropriately revise the title, the title in the reprint log concise and to the point the best, the best is more than 9 words, less than 22 words, and the contents of the log if it is a hot topic, such as the recent satellite hit the earth ah like the news that will give your site to bring more traffic and the weight (from www.xs5i贵族宝贝 to search network). How about the webmaster friends you learn


after a Tencent must see the update log view space to log in the case of QQ, so most of the space of the current log love Shanghai search engine is not included, the original article also provides abundant material to give us the webmaster. The author introduce the specific steps.

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