Share in addition to Shanghai dragon we can by mail

share today there are two main aspects, one is the permission email, another is to make it a headache of spam. The two are mail category, but the effect is also a heaven and a hell. Well, to today’s text, if have a wrong place, also hope everybody.

is the first licensing type e-mail: as the name suggests, permission based email marketing refers to the user’s consent, he took the initiative to ask you to provide relevant information for marketing. If the customer does not require you to give him the mail marketing does not belong to this category, does not suggest that we do so. Often let the user agrees to accept email method is online form on the website, or subscribe to the electronic magazine, which requires us to the goal of the website is very clear, the user can get a lot of benefits from the day after the mail.

webmaster want to carry out network marketing through the means of low cost, so in addition to what is known as the Shanghai dragon, another good way is licensing type e-mail marketing, he often have lower cost. But coincidentally, permission based email marketing and Shanghai dragon, takes a long time to see the effect on. In this paper, we discuss and e-mail marketing.

The second is

: spam spam believes that many people will encounter, spam industry is different, but often similar purpose. Some are for personal website publicity, some special publicity guests, some is to provide free lectures, but more is the mail, they direct advertising products. No matter what type of mail, in fact we are disgusted, give people the feeling is often a tender trap.

is now the general double selection method, namely the user registration, the system will automatically send e-mail to the user’s mailbox, let him to confirm the click, the benefits of doing so is to prevent the false fill in the mail, or for the website is beneficial for users. In the user registration page, try to provide a reasonable reason, sometimes the user first see a website, especially the popularity of the website, he will choose some commonly used or temporary registered mail, if we put these not commonly used as the email marketing target mailbox address, it can reduce the efficiency, because these email users probably half a year or even longer before landing again, your hair though good enough, but he could not see.

spam has now become a garbage on the Internet, he consumed all the time, waste of broadband resources, so in some countries has been clearly defined as illegal spam, some companies because of the large number of spam and a hefty fine. In fact, if we go to the e-mail marketing, there can be some methods to avoid being treated as spam. The first is the above mentioned active users requirements mail reminder service users. The second is not large mass, not greedy. Each server has strict restrictions, even pay too. The third is for the different users. "

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