Shanghai dragon network promotion of new industry in the end who is fat people Tian

growth, to a certain extent, fattened the search engine

2012 Chinese search engine market reached 6 billion 380 million yuan, the growth rate of the chain growth and year-on-year respectively 5.72% and 74.33%, and compared to before rising slightly. Chinese Shanghai Dragon Consulting analysis, seasonal effects of 2012Q4 Chinese search engine market development by advertisers advertising plan, growth has slowed. But under normal circumstances we can clearly feel, the search engine on Internet was still growing.

we can not ignore the competitive intensity of advertising, because we could feel that the search engine algorithm in recent years to modify the ordinary, and the precision and range of adjustment is quite large, why? We think, now each company, including the production and sales of almost all factories in the development and planning of Shanghai Phoenix the network business, the relevant departments, in order to have so many ranking booths, or natural ranking. So in recent years, we can obviously feel in Shanghai dragon network promotion, search engine optimization, more and more people, we can see from the forum, such as A5, we can clearly see the development of A5 in recent years relatively quickly, personnel atmosphere is relatively heavy, growth is increasingly popular, for so little weight. There are many webmaster, independent blog Shanghai dragon began to act, the domain name is also more and more, a lot of Shanghai Association Long Fengxiang almost have no good domain name registered by a space. Shanghai Longfeng personnel growth is undoubtedly brought great pressure to the search engine, a lot of people in order to achieve their purpose at all means to do black hat, in order to obtain the search engine ranking.

2012 Chinese network promotion industry search engine market growth of 76.6%, up 12.5 percentage points compared with 2010, the overall market size reached 20 billion 300 million yuan. The search engine market share in Shanghai accounted for 79.1%, representing an increase of 3.3%; at the same time, Sogou and soso market share compared to 2010 and 2011 has improved significantly, respectively 2.3, 2.6% and 1.4, 1.7%, Chinese search engine market competition more diversified.

search engine on the web is growing, more and more demanding, often to adjust the algorithm of using Shanghai dragon people, many companies in one word, the degree of competition is big, have to do the hard to click on ads, we clearly see that many words, in love the sea is almost a full page are bidding. A lot of keyword price is several times, even so, we are willing to pay for the auction, or their site ranking thousands of miles away, how are we going to do their own market and business search engine is >?

2012-2015 we can not ignore the advertising competition

Shanghai dragon

2012 China search engine market affected by seasonal effects, the smooth development of

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