Site is K, the final recovery after a month, on the causes and coping methods

1, love Shanghai said news station including industry station or enterprise station, and covers all the website;

3, only the original article or carefully rearranged the article makes high quality news.

2, there are two main reasons: one is the love of Shanghai website more tolerant, so the weight high website and famous website can stack keywords are not punished, does not represent a small website also can be avoided; two is the love of the Shanghai algorithm is not 100 percent to remove rubbish and cheat, but through the algorithm automatically detect most of the garbage is enough. So some sites have not been found, or is found not to be punished;

4, found that the site content is repeated, that is to say a different page >

1, love Shanghai said news station whether including industry or enterprise

my site is K, the reason may be listed below, behind the bracket is high possibility I think:

in August 2, 2012, this is a memorable day. Get up at 8 in the morning, habitually open UC mobile phone, site your site, accidentally found have been included since the site was back to normal! K, I have formed a habit, every day after getting up in the morning and at night before going to bed, are used to check whether the collection has been restored to normal. Insist on very upset in the whole month, dark days came to an end, I clearly remember the day the sun in August 2nd.

1, then just change the title, the relatively large changes; (high probability)

3, I now is the first love of Shanghai related news, after finishing with the internal links, then as their website industry news release, this is consistent with the principle of "love Shanghai carefully collect"

The three question is:

3, trace optimization is quite obvious; (unlikely)

station station? ?

in retrospect, the end of June found the website rankings and snapshots are not stable, did not care too much. The whole site has been K around July 2nd to 6, realized the seriousness of the problem, because the Shanghai dragon forum began to discuss the 6.22 and 6.28 events. I was Zac to send an e-mail, ask the "love Shanghai news station quality judgment principle", the Zac does not reply. But now the low quality website has a profound understanding, the answer is already known.

2, I see some related articles industry website will appear on the network after finishing on their own website, it seems the ranking is also good;

now according to my understanding, the answer is:

2, although only dozens of news websites, but are reproduced to belong to the low quality of the news station; (high probability)


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