Shanghai Longfeng services refer to three elements

a lot of Shanghai dragon team, to the immediate interests of the specific case analysis of customer site, to get the money for the customer premise, trumpeted the company’s technical level. Customers do not know the complexity of Shanghai for gospel truth, Longfeng, bitterly thought accounted for cheap, don’t think for a long time after the goods order does not have a website, traffic is scanty.

Shanghai Dragon technology two, white hat and black hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon. Love in Shanghai to explain white hat and black hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon is to say: the white hat Shanghai dragon is a fair approach, is used to meet the Dragon optimization Shanghai mainstream search engine policy issue, it is contrary to the black hat Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon hat industry has been considered to be the best Shanghai Longfeng practices, it is to avoid all risks of operation conditions, but also to avoid the issue with the search engine principle of occurrence of any conflict, it is also the Shanghai dragon Er practitioners of the highest occupation moral standard.

Shanghai dragon

for the enterprise, Shanghai dragon is affordable, Shanghai Longfeng optimization, not only can make a rectification website (user experience), also can use less money to do a lot of orders. But Shanghai dragon is also expensive, because many customers in Shanghai Longfeng, invested thousands of dollars a year, the last bit of no return. Why would this polarization condition is so serious, he believes that? Not the integrity of the Shanghai dragon team is the main cause of

white hat Shanghai dragon is concerned about the long-term development of enterprises, a kind of cheating and the black hat Shanghai dragon just to take the current ranking, once the punishment of the search engine, is also difficult to stand up. Enterprises in the selection, can not simply rely on the time to prove the level of technology, Shanghai dragon service provider if you can, the most.

so, enterprise is not in order to prevent being cheated, do not choose to do Shanghai dragon, simply do competitive rankings? In fact, in the domestic Shanghai dragon circles, there are still many outstanding Shanghai Longfeng service providers, such as A5, the optimization of their staff is very professional, but also have a lot of experience and resources. Small business difficulties should not be, whether the choice of Shanghai dragon service, but how to choose the Shanghai dragon service providers. O he think there are three:

service providers are divided into two types: companies and individuals. Shanghai Longfeng professional service providers, in the formulation of plans for the enterprise, consider the problem very thorough. No matter is the keyword mining, user search habits, website architecture issues, or web site keywords layout, website content, website inside and outside the chain of small details, are very concerned about. The person in the operation of Shanghai dragon, seldom consider these issues, or only consider some problems, so that in Shanghai Longfeng progress for a long time, slowly wake up, found the problem, then, may have been missed the best time for enterprise product sales.


second, using technical means

, the first Shanghai dragon service

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