Some usage label in the Shanghai dragon optimization

2, the search engine is the part of the code, no practical significance, effect of search engine efficiency.



Description statement "description, summarizes the main content of the website used to express. (the content of Description is very important, and will show that the search engines will focus on the content of the site to show and guide words displaying advertising. That is 200 characters or less). The copyright statement "author copyright statement authors, the two is mainly used for web standards, optimization of the impact.

A new front end

Title: the page title (labeled statement must have, the content of title is included in the search engine, directly display the page title name. It is an important factor to link optimization, need special design portfolio, consider the search engine rules) between words with "-" and "_" and "|" between the three symbols, the same effect can also be mixed use, but should pay attention to appearance.


3, for the website speed, page code is increased, the impact site speed.

the external call

Why is

picture: in addition to slide, Banner must be inserted directly into the carousel figure pictures, other local pictures as far as possible with the background, and then write a word. If the title part must use images in img inside the ALT tag ">

art company before, just graduated just a little understanding of the meaning of the code, the Shanghai dragon did not come into contact with, so basically every finish a set of pages I want to modify a lot of places in the website when some artists and programmers may end very skilled. But there is a part of the Shanghai dragon optimization is not very understanding, so it will cause some of the code, the use of labels are not standardized, this time on the need of Shanghai Longfeng personnel of adjustment "revised. The basic qualities needed in this is a staff of the Shanghai dragon. Of course, these can do work that is the best, so Xiaobian to front the new art has compiled a list of some of the code and explain the usage, now for everyone to share.


1, for program maintenance staff, unified external call can be more convenient to modify and maintain.

CSS and JS files to external calls, try not to write directly on the page, some of the newcomers front may put CSS style JavaScript to write directly in the current page.

Keywords statement "keywords (tell what keywords search engine is the current page), with English comma" between each keyword, "segmentation.

: "the head part

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