The content of re packaging to make web content.

diagram is a good example of re packaging, put their content as an image / chart display, not only more intuitive, but also can improve the readability of the article, there may be other website icons / images, get promotion.

content of re packaging: refers to your own articles into a new format, which is actually change the packaging, can get more opportunities for content.

content re packaging VS rewrite



content of re packaging is one of the most powerful marketing strategy, the word may not sound so good, you may think it is the meaning of plagiarism, may be brought to the site of low quality articles, but that is not the case. I define the re packaging content here is: the content blocks create different types (video, images, text, presentation), to the site to bring more opportunities for additional exposure.




page is a good choice of content packaging, a topic when you mentioned several times, but also to put before the write over time, as the key to do a special page, before these contents are combined, concentrated, to do a better special effects, not only can this content is more prominent, but also do not have to repeat the rewriting, and as long as you like, special pages can also be applied each form, you can also use the WeChat micro-blog. >



content packaging is a picture of a lot of people to use, is actually a meaning, but often the picture is easier to be accepted, more likely to be promoted, now very popular map information are the basis of information, but was made after the image effect is better, this is the packaging effect. This is a Durex product in the picture above play a number of tricks, I believe we have seen. But now the social media, mobile Internet images tend to rise, can be better popularized in these platforms, marketing opportunities.

rewrite content: write is the same thing, just rewrite different words again.



re packaging content strategyThe

content of re packaging is a strategy I often use, around the site can keep good results. Here are some re packaging type:

well, the text or a text, although there is no transformation form, but we can change the display effect. This is the layout and layout of the text, but the layout effect can achieve the same effect. The same is an article, some users do not see a layout on the stand, some can let users read very comfortable, this is the difference.

project pageThe

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