Do links and recommend products not only related to the main needs starting from the demand

at link time, whether it is inside or outside the chain chain, we first need to consider the correlation of the link is. If you are doing mall friends will certainly recommend related products, this is the two most problem we do consider links and product recommendation, for a long time Shanghai dragon friends all know the correlation, so the correlation became the first elements to consider. In fact, links and related products recommended from friends is generally considered the correlation of search engine comparison, instead of considering the factors of users more. For example, when I do within the chain, if I this article is about the love of Shanghai know, within the chain that I do or say to be recommended to the user must know how to do is love Shanghai this article about, because only in this way will appear related ah, in fact if you want is a recommendation how do Soso Ask the article may be better welcome.

The In fact, if the user needs

a link has no value, or is that this link is not spam links, is not the decisive factor is the relevance of this link, but the links to the user has no value. Users click on the links will not find what he wants, the word correlation has now been polluted, many Shanghai dragon Er put this word deeply installed in mind, but I want to say today is when we do anything, don’t forget to user demand, rather than the so-called the correlation between. Users in the world, so we forget the correlation when doing each link is recommended to consider the needs of users, if you are considering the correlation and lost user demand that you are the.

We all know that

said this topic can also extend a little, that we should not only meet the needs of users, and it is more important to meet the needs of users at the same time, we also put forward a new challenge to the user, we go to answer this question, in fact, this step is to tap the potential demand of users further, the current to tap the potential demand of customer has few people do. Only those who really know the product, understand the user experience and understand marketing people to go to this step. For example, users to search the carnitine effect how? In this article we should not only tell the user of the product function, when users solve the effect how we have just completed the first step, we must put forward new questions about the product, such as L-carnitine.

may be associated in product mall is particularly prominent, such as I bought a Lenovo notebook computer, and the related recommend you recommend to me a DELL computer or other types of computer. This recommendation seems to be related, but the user has bought the computer, do not need to buy a new computer. At this time we should tap the potential demand of users, such as notebook computer film, mouse or keyboard and computer related accessories at this time has become the main needs it, and is no longer a simple correlation. Related but a more basic one, we really need to consider the needs of the user.

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