Secret search new treatment why so many ups and downs

to the railway station in audit

often heard many webmaster said: "I will send a new high weight, the second, the day included…… Page content". It is a new search engine to give such a high.

to later

in the traditional search engine optimization concept, the higher the rank of the website must be more weight, but in recent months the performance of search engine has become more and more obscure direction, such as: the establishment of the website can be a day to love Shanghai seconds, even a few days can be optimized. To go beyond those old site will be the main key breakthrough to the home page. But look at Google Webmaster: remember the last PR update to people how fantastic, is ridiculously accidental, or a necessity? On this point do not do too much explanation, the webmaster friends are clear. But the concern is, why the most attractive eye webmaster two search engines also appeared such unusual? Is the change of technology? If it is, will be the future search engine rules for the new "favor" one of the highlights, or will make the search more "people, fair", and this point should start from the change rules of search engine.

in the search engine rules, more senior station, give weight is higher, the ranking is also more front. Although it is an affirmation of approval of the old station, but as a result, the new owners is difficult to surpass the old site to get good rankings. Finally, will lead to a new ranking: webmaster to lose hope and give up construction. If things go on like this down, the market will be monopolized industry development, the strong stronger, the weak weaker, this is the search engine does not want to see. So there are some new sites, just a few days will be optimized, ranking all the way up to the home page, or is a kind of confidence to the webmaster. But not all sites have such an opportunity, binary think: website optimization conditions to achieve a degree, this will trigger a rule. To obtain such treatment site, or in the days after the website optimization, more easy to get more weight, because of their high starting point.

: a new original without security

two: new sites in


in the previous search engine rules, the new station included from the line to basically keep in half a month or even a month’s time. But the content is not recognized in the search engine promotion process, if the site has the high quality of the original, but frequently reproduced by others, the result will be? The original pseudo original original variable as can be imagined, the site will also be search engine error judgment for acquisition station. It can be said that this is lack of the rule of the search engine, the search engine to shorten the audit of the new period, will be the inevitable development. As for why some new sites, although fast included, but why only the front page is constantly being updated snapshot? Binary: search engine or to the railway station, there is a rule "is a collection of home page in the station, even when not being displayed, may also be indexed to the buffer, so is the protection of a methods the original, of course this is just a guess yourself.

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