Talk about the words see

? address?Keywords: Leveraging

content page Keywords tag + is generally in the form of the chain within the chain should not all chain to the home page of

website how to do?

can be understood as with other brand word searches, such as: government procurement network better than the site, because the government procurement network has certain search volume and influence.

area with regional, such as: Beijing Shanghai government procurement procurement and so on



alias for the same items such as a different name: computer (computer) procurement (wholesale) and

is one of the main methods of network search index, is the hope that visitors to understand the product or service or company specific name.

website is the main keyword keyword set is generally popular word, because the site’s home page weight is the highest, popular word is difficult to optimize, on the home page is the most suitable one to two.

main sub classification: the main keywords, auxiliary words, key words is the main site the word is generally more difficult to optimize the word is usually hot words, auxiliary words are easier on the website optimization, are not generally popular word

Keywords What is the The other major Keywords:

heat: Hot keywords (search high amount of words, such as: procurement, search volume: 622, and has been maintained at between 6-800 and

classification: length of short tail keywords, long tail keywords short tail keywords refers to 2 to 4 words, the long tail keywords is 4 words or more words.


typos when making mistakes usually input phrases, such as: order (order) and


(general search volume in general terms, such as government procurement, search volume: 160),

According to the classification of Key words:

column page settings, each column should also be a keyword set to two words without too much emphasis.


don’t set keyword density is too high, the highest not >

time in time for example: the recent government procurement x x April will purchase



precise Keywords: general name for the goods or services, or product type,

universal search for large quantity but not precise word is generally an industry or goods such as clothing enterprises, etc., referred to as

The Key words: Keywords

Q & a good understanding is generally a question. For example: how much is the website of government procurement information network? The government procurement information newspaper

popular keywords (user purpose is very strong, but a very small amount of search words, such as: government procurement information network telephone)

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