Whether the content of entrepreneurship has been harvested from the media to blossom everywhere in t

mobile Internet in the spring, the effect of the brand through the mobile Internet port traffic oriented, thus transforming into a fan of the economy has become the most popular way to achieve a commercial. And there are a lot of companies trying to promote the form of soft products, so as to achieve commercial realization. However, under the background of the Internet mode of operation, with the introduction of the relevant Internet advertising law, if you simply rely on the realization of the flow of soft text has become almost the lowest level tasteless marketing means.


according to the latest Internet advertising laws and regulations, advertising must be clear, otherwise it will be severely punished. Internet advertising everywhere, there are a lot of illegal advertising harm the fundamental interests of the vast number of consumers and hundreds of millions of users. Therefore, the introduction of the relevant Internet advertising law, to rectify the Internet to clean up illegal advertising provides a legal basis. This is a huge progress in the field of Internet advertising, but also marks the Internet advertising into a new stage.


content of entrepreneurship is particularly important in the media since the blossom everywhere season, is not only the platform competition, but after all is the content of the competition. For example, now from the media platform we have, is not the focus of competition. The direction of competition is who can help enterprises out of marketing confusion, access to traffic, who can seize the customer! This is the real trend, at least for now. The famous circle of people, Chinese circle Association founder, Shenzhen cultural circle joint company chairman Li Shuai to the author Xin Oriental chats mentioned, the content of entrepreneurship, to help enterprises to create a high quality copy, this is a direction at present, there are many enterprises in a headache for the low quality of the draft, because they recruit the best authors too expensive. "So even since the media blossom everywhere mobile Internet business tide, is still the focus of the work content of entrepreneurship.

from the media platform is just the basis of work, excellent content is the reason to live. There are a lot of people think that the platform can be promoted, superior, this is actually a misunderstanding. Now we do not lack the platform, the lack of good content output. It is the product of the promotional copy, because the most difficult. Now everyone has a starting point from the media platform, but the core of the competition is the content of the output, which is the content of the realization of the speed and effectiveness.

can not do to write the soft, should have a sense of mission to serve the community to guide the healthy development of society. The most amazing place for a writer is not to write, but to serve the community of the correct guidance of public opinion, the correct values of social reproduction. Before micro-blog, forum and space as the carrier of the era, today’s media is seasonal blossom everywhere. In the context of the prosperity of entrepreneurship, the authors should look at the social trends and trends in business services, grasp the fate of the development of social harmony and win-win direction of creation. So, since the media in the blossom everywhere season, should take practical action to serve the community.


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