The relationship between user experience and website optimization direction

my site today officially transferred to China, in the process encountered some problems in Internet information Chinese webmaster and WordPress blogger and space business customer service staff’s help, finally came to an end, some faster, at the same time changed and I like English station Linux host, after all Linux is the WordPress of heaven.

a lot of people are talking about love Shanghai algorithm, Google algorithm, in fact I think things are not so complicated, regression, regression search engine development objective. Here are a few examples: personal Google relatively more familiar with some, some phenomenon here in the case of Google said Google algorithm update. Do English Shanghai dragon should all know, we optimize the site in addition to the station, must also regularly use GA for data analysis, GA data can show Google algorithm change to. GA has the bounce rate, return rate, time series data, the noble baby is actually want to use the data to record the visitor’s behavior, and the behavior of these users to determine the site to be important. So when we do the GA analysis, we must consider how to reduce the bounce rate, improve the rate of return, through the station optimization to increase the page access depth etc..

in the end what is the search engine to do? In fact, this is what I want to say that is the core of the website optimization, improve the user experience. If you feel you don’t understand, I can take the example of a Google algorithm change to talk about. Believe webmaster friends will find such a problem, Google has said that the dynamic link is not very popular, so when you optimize your it pseudo static. But soon after, Google engineers also announced the official blog, said the search engine has improved update algorithm, index technology, dynamic link can be included, I found even more than the static dynamic link. Do not know if you have not thought about this problem, why search engines would change? It is actually very simple, the construction site of friends should know that before is a static web site HTML, but since the emergence of php+Mysql, people found that the dynamic website can meet the information requirements. Of course, the search engine development engineer will also notice, real-time updates of data can be more close to the user than the fixed data demand. Just imagine, each search engine optimization personnel to please the search engines in order to improve the user experience to change the algorithm, we have what reason in stationmaster net optimization.

way so far, here to talk about the so-called Shanghai dragon website optimization in the end what to do, to update the direction of search engine algorithm. The purpose of the search engine is the most primitive allows users to find the corresponding file by keyword, and with the explosive growth of Internet information, search engine database collected too much data, so the search engineer must find a matching method to index files, allowing users through the keyword to find the information they want.

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