Keyword density still has an important effect on the ranking

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keyword density can affect the keywords ranking, but random accumulation will not bring effect on the ranking, must occur naturally, such as tea this page keywords, is very natural, there is no accumulation phenomenon; if we force the insertion to a page keywords, although can enhance the page keyword density. But we found that this effect is counterproductive, because others enter the website, did not find what you want.

density had ranked importance to keywords: a page, a large number of keywords if there is complete, then love Shanghai will be judged this page with the keyword is relevant, when people enter the keyword to find the key words you want in the shortest period of time, it is undoubtedly the best content in experience is relatively good.

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love for Shanghai depending on the keyword density is not so sensitive, before the accumulation can produce good rankings, a lot of sites through the attack analysis, the ranking is good, the density is very low, and even many of them are 0, so many webmaster for keyword density do not pay attention, think this is especially for some of the content of no great importance. Optimization is not related to the key words, such as tea tea on page optimization keywords, this density is certainly very low, and the content of the correlation is very poor, in this way to optimize the key whether can obtain the good effect of


keyword layout, related keywords and content, not only on the website of the title; if title had words, but the page does not appear on such words, it is certain that this correlation page with keywords is very poor, the optimization difficulty is relatively large, by our practice shows that to produce only through the accumulation of keywords ranking of the chain, and the stability is relatively poor, need a relatively long time, such as their optimization page 贵族宝贝 chaju.html, there are four main optimization keywords: tea, tea set, gift tea, tea prices, and in the pages on the title set however, from the page we did not appear completely, tea set, tea gift the key The word, even the page even suits and gifts are not words, it can be seen that the correlation between these two words is relatively poor, from the optimization of those found classification information content pages are ranked in the home page, we can see that the competition is not the keyword, but it is the optimization of a lot of effort, but the effect is poor, but this does not go to the tea keywords optimization, have a good ranking, with the page weight, ranking soared, competitive and the key to the competitive keywords than to high. The analysis of keyword generation is the main reason for this keyword ranking, the tea is also very high enough density, correlation:

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