n the industry when website brand word will bring what loss to the website

you see Taobao comprehensive screen love Shanghai, love Shanghai why it included home page. The reason is very simple navigation word is a huge traffic demand, the user is in great demand on the inside, love Shanghai search hot search >

car home this brand word several times higher than the love of the word Shanghai index of the car, of course, can do so few successful websites. But we want to improve the weight of the website, one of the important means of our later is to promote our website brand, enhance the user groups, more important is the performance of the key role in reducing the right time. If your site has a lot of fixed user groups, and the habit of using search engines to find your website, this is a very valuable performance. Now love Shanghai often algorithm upgrade, but this upgrade is not mature, resulting in massive fire site. If you create this user habits. That is your site to buy a ticket for the general insurance, so that the user groups of web search engines will respect you.

to search engine, one of the best sites have their own unique name, because the only likely to have their own independent web site name of long-term business enhancement. This search engine trust will increase, many novice asked me how to increase the weight of the website, this will teach you a good way to increase the weights of the website. That is to promote your brand, if one day you open your site, your site traffic source is the largest search your website brand word, your brand promotion do very successful preparatory work. If you have a day to become the most powerful brand in the industry, the brand index word you should be more than words.

For example,

if you do when the brand promotion tell people that I’m a website called Hainan tourism network, you go to the search engine to go to find that a user to search, find a bunch of website called Hainan tourism network. Because this is a common word, as long as do Hainan tourism website this keyword can be called the Hainan tourism network, so this is a common word, does not have the uniqueness. User will get confused and couldn’t find your site, promotion difficulties also is on the one hand, I do know that Shanghai dragon friends love analysis from the technical point of view, in fact, from a technical point of view is very important.

industry brand word as the word which is the most common problem of Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, with the industry as the company’s brand word word is a great mistake, if you take your word as the industry brand word (site name), it shows that your site is not a brand of website. Because when taking the brand name we must maintain its uniqueness, there can be no ambiguity. The common mistakes you do is an industry, with a network of words behind your words. Such as you do the Hainan tourism, your website is Hainan tourism network, in fact, this name is a great mistake, the reason is not remain the only, it is a common word, as long as do Hainan tourism can make such a name.

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