Local travel agencies in the six bit of advice website and optimization of tourism website

, the first tourist site in Shanghai dragon. Shanghai tourism website dragon is free and the most effective promotion methods, the website of Shanghai Dragon Well, you can bring the Everfount source. Of course, this requirement is very high, Shanghai Longfeng personnel have the strength of the travel agency can hire professional help you manage and optimize. Personal webmaster or do not want to spend money please tourism Commissioner Shanghai Longfeng friends can go to learn Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon only involves a lot, to spend more time to fully grasp.

tenth, regular customer, to know the customer identity website, customer reputation brought publicity than you do how much paid ads are powerful.

seventh, using the existing membership information, regular mobile phone or mail some special preferential information and tourism activities.

eighth, active participation in local tourism festival of large-scale tourism activities, the activities of the units and support units participated in, will add their own advertising theme website and LOGO.

second, local publicity forum. Every city has its own local forums or community, it is recommended that you go to the forum, the forum if you use a good team to promote their tourism website will play a very good effect.

the above ten methods are relatively common, as long as you seriously.

sixth, your website URL LOGO, printed on T-shirts and other coat, free delivery in schools, community and other public places, increase the site in the local influence.

ninth, website through local newspapers, television, outdoor advertising.

third, University Campus publicity. The student market is a big market, especially the market of College students. A destination in the University, many students are come from reading, for the local tourism will have great demand, into the campus, publicity to their website as a platform for young people to participate in the main body, is also a good way to promote the area ten.

tourism website promotion is a systematic project, many travel agencies or local travel website operators in how to promote their own websites do not understand the complaints. In fact, as long as you know how to use their hands or peripheral resources, website promotion is not so difficult to imagine everyone. I to share 10 suitable local tourism network promotion method for everyone today, I hope you can make good use of.

fifth, can use the rich resources of suppliers, printed paper towels, disposable cups, small fan etc. some practical small items, with the help of the hotel lobby, reception center, travel stores for customers to use free of charge. The price is not expensive but propaganda role is very obvious.

fourth, and the local Internet cafe cooperation. The city inside the cafe is very much, with the active cooperation of the Internet, your site is set to host the internet homepage or pop.

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