The love of Shanghai is how to sort the keywords

, as everyone knows, the website content is king, but the early love of Shanghai based on no user, it is unable to determine the content of a web site quality, it can only recognize the similarity of the content, the website keywords ranking, more is to do well in the station optimization, because there will be no ranking not included Shanghai, to deal with love for the content is divided into the following steps: crawling, indexing, filtering, output, what kind of articles will be included in the search engine? In addition to identify high similarity of the article, Shanghai white love can identify some dead links, blank content page:

at this time, love Shanghai will be based on the user’s behavior of keywords adjusted, user experience good site keywords naturally in the front row, and a poor user experience website love Shanghai will be put on the back; this time between website and website traffic will vary, the row in front of the site will get more traffic in the back of the site, get traffic less, then love Shanghai still reference is the user behavior, good website feedback data (mean residence time, site PV, jump out rate) is still good, but not good website.



but it is unable to identify the quality of the article, it leads to many irrelevant content or even meaningless articles were included; early love of Shanghai is based on the website of the chain (general competitive industries) and to determine the correlation between content of the website ranking, this will make some website content quality ranking is awesome the phenomenon of

was observed for approximately two weeks, the ranking is also good, but there is a downward trend, the original gold Junmei ranked fourth, now only came in 13; two in seventh weeks in front of Dahongpao, now also fell 16, according to the site conditions and their optimization I love Shanghai experience is how to sort the key words:


love Shanghai for keywords ranking is a comprehensive scoring algorithm is very complex, the influence factors are also very very much; but if you master the general rule, the Shanghai dragon optimization is very helpful. The recent discovery of a web site, make your site keywords appeared, the original Dahongpao, gold Junmei these keywords ranking are good, analyzed the structure of the website, content is very good, poor, ranking but let you shine at the moment, the first picture:

two, love Shanghai through the first stage, the keywords are ranking, this time there will be the participation of users, the site has done good and bad and not himself said, everything can be analyzed by the user behavior, good website will naturally have a good "return", the user enters the site first the residence time of the website, browse pages, or even buy goods than the station do not want to come to a good website.

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