On the website of Shanghai dragon — the status quo of keywords, description, title



, a web site keywords (keywords)


2, the writing rules of


display position

pages use different keywords as the site title, common Title Mode "product name 1_" in order to increase the number of search engine grab snapshot;

is currently on the market with a variety of websites, the website quality of a more common situation is that many do network promotion client sites exist various problems, to share with you today the key issues related to Shanghai dragon, Xiao Bian free fall in love with two sea search keywords "Sliced noodles robot" and "seedling", by right clicking the view source code, find the following screenshot content:

site titleSelect the Keywords

is commonly used in English under the condition of a comma "," or "| line", for example: 1 products, 2 products, 3 products,… 1| products 2| products or products 3,… If not, these separated (the product of 1 products 2 products 3… The default search engine) this is a keyword;

when your site in accordance with the rules set up, and after a period of operation, the search engine may crawl included, once included the chances of success are displayed in the search results page, love Shanghai as follows:

found "web site keywords" (keywords), the "description" (description) is empty, "the site title" (title) is the name of the company, read this whether you can check your family or friends website problems. These problems directly affect the search engines crawl, love Shanghai snapshot will be very poor quality; so how to correctly write web site keywords "and" description "? The following is my daily work skills summary:


Three, Keywords


(different pages corresponding to different search engines will focus at the present stage, the index based on keywords) sites generally realized this function, general home key selection: main products or services, page selection and web page corresponding to the product or business name;


1, select


highlights the company’s main business, the size of the company, and with the corresponding suggestions in the first sentence of the contact such as mobile phone number, micro signal, QQ, etc., which once included success will be reflected in the list of pages included in


set description

1, the title of the website

1, the website describes the selection of


; display position

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