Not to do keyword ranking for the purpose to send the chain


you may ask, do not send the chain how to send? First I to tell you about in my understanding what is the high quality of the chain! A high quality of the chain must be based on the user groups, and the content of the chain has very high contribution value for user groups this is the high quality chain. In order to do keyword ranking and everywhere the hair of the chain, in fact, has been the garbage outside the chain, not only to use, the latter will affect.

is a website to get good rankings, you cannot leave the chain and content on the Internet after all! The Shanghai dragon Er cried every day "content is king" and "the chain for emperor" slogan, if not Shanghai Longfeng people to see these information will know, the original Shanghai dragon is to update the article, hair what the hair of the chain, actually also does not have what difficulty! In fact, these are some wrong understanding. Today the author mainly discusses the problem is "not to do keyword ranking for the purpose of this topic to send the chain", so "content is king" this section will skip the next article, I will focus on writing.

I saw the title of the article, you may ask me to send the chain is to upgrade the keywords ranking, that I don’t take this for what purpose chain? This idea from the point of departure is completely wrong. Why Cuona? I will give you a step-by-step analysis! The chain rankings can, this sentence is correct, but there is a premise: the high quality of the chain. Must be in the high weight high website PR value or the forum outside the chain is outside the chain of high quality? This is a one-sided understanding, the chain is can drive your ranking, but the ranking is not very stable, if the chain is love Shanghai delete it, your website ranking will also fall. What is the reason for this phenomenon is that? In general there are two main factors: 1, the chain is useless for users, it is not targeted, for example, if a buy Women into a high weight high PR value of the site outside the chain, the chain of effective? Answer is a short-term effect, but when the rankings may improve, love Shanghai update, not for these links may be removed and you love Shanghai, the ranking will fall down or the entire site is K off! Because the chain is you not targeted, not in your marketing user groups in Shanghai, love will think the chain for the garbage outside the chain, resulting in your site is down right or be K. 2, the chain is the content of the contribution value, if you just copy an article with your link, and then sent to the high weight forum, short-term rankings, later will undoubtedly K! Because the chain is not only deceive love Shanghai, but also to deceive the user search. The consequences would not have me! In order to keywords ranking everywhere the hair of the chain, no matter what type of forum, as long as you can leave the link, all leave, I believe many people are doing the ranking, I see two above analysis the factors you will do so? If you think I said it also insisted on doing so, that your site even if there is a good ranking is not stable

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