With the help of the Xinjiang nut cake Tucao Shanghai Longfeng status


forum closed from light-years from the moment I think we should understand that Shanghai Longfeng domestic environment has to be clearly to the time of treatment, no exaggeration to say that those of us ordinary webmaster is the Internet garbage from the beginning of the development of Shanghai, the initiator of evil, and some simple keyword plus chain simply can home in the search engine exhaust is very easy, but with the passage of time, Shanghai dragon optimization is no longer mysterious, everyone seems to love Shanghai Mozhun temperament, but unscrupulous in order to optimize the optimization, the key word accumulation, making bridge page, buy black chain and so on, great success brings so many webmaster obsession. So you can see each forum is full of links, each high weight website is soft, is such a development environment, this is the website forum do not adjust mentality, light, is also a good

not only that, the Shanghai dragon and a character like that and Xinjiang nut cake, forget, this powerful self-confidence not only from industry giants, the industry is also very high confidence even novice towards their own future, if you want to ask why he was so confident, I think each other pretty close. The answer is no, Shanghai dragon is the content and external.

I want to mention "Xinjiang nut cake" two words, should not have friends do not know it, as the most popular event, Xinjiang nut cake is more and more friends Tucao: Xinjiang nut cake is forever, forever love a catty, she sent her two pounds. Now look at a Xinjiang nut cake; National financial resources, not look at the gold reserves, but reserves etc. Xinjiang nut cake funny emerge in an endless stream. Of course, today I again Xinjiang nut cake on this topic is certainly not, in order to laugh again, but with the Xinjiang nut cake poking fun at the Shanghai Longfeng current environment.

said the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Encyclopedia of love is explained, the search engine optimization is a kind of objective to improve website ranking in the search engine in the way of using search engine rules. But is Shanghai Longfeng definition of these simple words can not completely generalize the hearts of the Supreme Master, in many ordinary webmaster eyes, Shanghai dragon is equal to the free flow of white, equal to the profession, is equal to the website brand, even equal to the site in the future, it is no exaggeration to say, turn on the computer every day, most webmaster will check your keywords ranking, this life I think we have been accustomed to everyone.


this is the Shanghai dragon complete definition? I do not think so, just as the actual value Xinjiang nut cake, more and more influenced by external factors, such as sensitive to ethnic problems, and this is clearly the value of 100 yuan to sell 4000 yuan Xinjiang nut cake direct cause, in Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, as one of the most the basic means of website construction, the new friend is too large for its mysterious curiosity, that just to get a few key words, the web site will be able to get long-term development or immediate interests, I think that all people are wrong.

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