Grassroots Webmaster nternet entrepreneurship 500 thousand annual history of bitterness


Hello, I am Li Wenzhong, is an Internet entrepreneur grassroots webmaster, in the past since the school has been eight years, and access to the Internet is sixth years, my company now has its own network, team ten people, mainly to undertake small and medium-sized enterprises website construction, art design, promotion and other services from the network, business entities and. In my circle of friends, I can be regarded as a more successful entrepreneurs, but in the Internet entrepreneurial team, far from success. I write this article, dedicated to the same day as I am on the Internet in order to realize their dreams and hard work.

that year with confidence to leave the school, and the reality is always disappointing!

A rural

I come from Jiangxi Yichun, 2007 graduated from junior high school from the local high school scores 2 points, parents spend thousands of dollars to me just send key high school! And I am a very hate reading, was probably the bullish action, always want to be a hero to learn kung fu, the my dream is to go to Shaolin Temple Xuewu, so in high school for more than a month to play truant to go home, because there is no great support of the people, Shaolin Temple did not go into, finally to learn the computer, in our county inside to find a training plane design, probably spent three months in find a local advertising shop, remember that when the monthly wages for 300 dollars, and every day have to go out a sign with the boss, I would like to have one of his laptop computer, then buy the Appropriate to more than 2 thousand, had intended to do a year there to buy a computer, but it is too tired to do more than a month did not do. The same year went to Xiamen, my sister go to work in Xiamen, remember that time is under 18 years of age, so the normal company not only, go to the restaurant when the waiter, when the bag eats 800 wages in Xiamen for a month, but did not feel what way a month are not to have done in Xiamen, playing a few days, finally go home, staying at home for a few months. What a beautiful city Xiamen is!

remember in 2008 followed by my cousin went to Guangdong, said Guangdong, the big city, but the reality is not imagined so beautiful, is the 2008 financial crisis, everywhere in the layoffs, as can be imagined jobs hard to find, only that people do not position will move…… It ran a lot of places in Guangdong, Shenzhen, Songgang, Fuyong, Foshan, this year in the outside eating a lot of pain, but did not earn money, remember that work in the electronics factory made half a monthly salary of 250 yuan


when he no longer has a beautiful dream, followed in 2009 the village people went to Zhejiang Yongkang, where there is a heavy industrial city, a lot of casting what, but I was too young to have no experience in this area, to Zhejiang also can not find a job, then every day I go to Internet cafes. I never play games online, the Internet, is to see some tutorials, like what ah, what hackers Wangzhuan, from that time began to contact the Internet business.

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