The back 2012 outlook 2013

June 2012 published the article "on the outside of the chain what exists" send >

released in April 2012 by the "farewell Shanghai dragon optimization promotion website" soft released in April listed a number of farewell Shanghai dragon optimization article, found that in addition to the use of intoxicants mall Shanghai dragon, the promotion of the use of other very little, which will inevitably bring some risks, when the site after being punished, the flow will directly decrease.


March 2012 published the article "on the Shanghai dragon master is how to make the" daily work is a bit too much, and do the same thing, the original Shanghai dragon master is so tempered

released in January 2012 the "Shanghai dragon in addition to good execution also need to be good at data analysis" a lot about the knowledge learned in the data analysis of intoxicants, each department boss asked us to write a summary and plan to reflect the data, no matter what you do, will be reflected in the data, the chain released several plans? Plans to update the article several plans to do? Ranking the first of several? And so on, these are all embodied in the specific data, rather than a concept, and all the work to be embodied in the form of excel.

released in February 2012 the "Shanghai dragon tea mall diagnosis intoxicants mall optimization analysis", this is a diagnosis of intoxicants mall, it was the word "popular website, so the diagnosis" published the article.

released in May 2012 the "you want is traffic or conversion" ShangCheng Railway Station actually want is not a big traffic, but the conversion rate, through the background of the visit, many words have no way to bring these to transformation, if no transformation of the words and to create the article, why not for those who have transformed the word flower more attention to

for a long time did not write the article, I believe many people have forgotten me! Recently is not very smooth, blog, hang card, mobile phone network, bad website…… The whole people driven to distraction, but on the last day of 2012, as a Shanghai Longfeng personnel is necessary to make a summary of their own in 2012 and in 2013 a general planning.


year time is too long, can not remember his monthly work situation, only according to their own articles to review:

in 2012 with a hope in the spring and autumn in Shanghai Longfeng intoxicants, in those days, often write some articles to promote intoxicants mall site, in order to summarize the ranking always repeatedly optimization and improvement of their own ideas, every competitor analysis, data analysis, observation, collecting information, website ranking industry chain…… Although every day a bit complicated, spread a little tired, but now think there not only learn some knowledge of the Shanghai dragon, is not only the promotion of knowledge, more important is to learn some things in life the truth and knowledge of health and health tea.


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