Site is not excessive optimization, you know

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tags can improve the site optimization, but excessive use of tags with the same optimization excessive phenomenon, some owners will fully feel the label does not matter, just use the optimization label commonly used with H, TAG, ALT and so on, only in accordance with the demand to make better.

here is a simple example of H1 > tag

optimization site is not because Shanghai and Shanghai dragon and Phoenix believes that many webmaster have heard this word, if once the website optimization is likely to cause excessive search engine punishment. The real Shanghai dragon is not to meet the search engine, but the user experience based, supplemented by search engine. As long as the user then your website ranking never worse. Below the author to share four points, with the explanation of Shanghai dragon over optimization:

Flexible use of

If the content of

2, link too much. Here is mainly talking about the target words page, as everyone knows target keywords is a very valued webmaster, this is also the site of the main key words, use a large number of chain link to the target keywords above believe that every webmaster have done, but it is also called excessive optimization. Keywords diversification optimization goal should pay attention to the link, do not allow search engines to suspect you’re cheating tactics, within the chain should be matched with other long tail keywords, keyword.



two, the chain over optimization

excessive optimization

1, the chain too much on a single page. In the process of optimizing the content, using the 1-2 anchor text link strong correlation to other pages, can effectively improve the other page keywords ranking, but if the use of a large number of words and links to other pages will cause the occurrence of excessive optimization, and will reduce the weight of the page, after all, the weight of each page is limited.

is an important content of the website, the website weight is almost rely on content accumulation of gas, and the main content is the user looking for information, if a webmaster in the content inside the stack keywords, published some related articles or the use of garbage collection and so on some pseudo original, has caused the contents will be a lot of junk information the room information over optimization, search engine and users do not need the light right down, heavy K station.

website to do the content will be highly relevant, high quality original articles, so that customers love, also won’t appear cheating or excessive optimization problems. Some would say, I is the enterprise website, the information is small, cannot update the content. This is just a way of thinking, why add a column information or add a blog to update the station station inside the

three, code label over optimization


can improve the site overall weight, so the chain is within each page can improve the keywords ranking. Keywords ranking rise or fall with the inner chain have a significant relationship.

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