17 year old girl Wang Kaixin entrepreneurial story to do the largest youth electricity supplier plat


(magic department store founder and CEO Wang Kaixin)

DoNews December 21st news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) 17 year old Wang Kai Xin, produced for the first time the idea of entrepreneurship is hear their female students, after complaining about not buy the right clothes online. "I want to buy the kind of personality, Meng Meng cartoon characters wearing clothes, but in the Taobao search on the Jingdong, too much trouble, we can buy things faster and better where?"

Wang Kai was 16 years old, was reading high school. And students, she also like online shopping. Every day after class time, they will spend a lot of time on the electronic business platform Amoy treasure. But it’s too hard to find what you like, and sometimes it takes hours to get a personalized, two dimensional style.

Wang Kaixin wonder, now so many entrepreneurs, even no one to do a 95, after the group of young people in the electricity supplier platform for 00. She decided to do it themselves, to find some suppliers, chose some 95 theme clothing goods, sell cargo to space in QQ. Did not expect the business is very good, the best performance, there are hundreds of thousands of monthly water.

she thought it was a big business, so she dropped out of school to start a business. In 2014, she dropped out of school to Shenzhen alone business, no business background and experience, rely on learning ability and executive power, build up a team of more than and 40 people, get a million Angel round of financing, APP founded the "magic department" at present there are hundreds of thousands of users, the daily orders of nearly 2000. She hopes to be in June next year, do 1 million users, orders to 20 thousand per day, do Chinese youth favorite shopping app.

entrepreneurial story: home

in 1998, Wang Kaixin was born in Xi’an, his parents in business, the average family. During the study, Wang Kaixin scores, like business, like doing business. The students love her Starchaser, pondering various business models all day, wondering how to make money.

parents opposed her pondering these, warned her to study hard, get a good diploma, to find a good job is promising. Wang Kaixin does not agree, she felt that excellence is related to ability, is able to achieve much success in society.

2014, Wang Kaixin high school, in the QQ space to do business after the decision to drop out, parents said to start their own business, the parents oppose. The two sides can not communicate, a big fight. Parents are afraid of her escape, all her documents confiscated. Wang Kaixin secretly planning to go to Shenzhen venture. She heard that it was a good place, and many young people started there. She asked her friend to buy a ticket to Shenzhen, stolen from the parents of the ID card, flew to Shenzhen alone.

settled down in Shenzhen before he made money by doing business in the past, Wang Kaixin. Her goal is clear, to do a young business platform. Business mode

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