Gem second largest market value of shares as LETV resume trading today

suspension after nearly six months, the gem second largest market share of the music network will resume trading on June 3rd. After LETV on May 6th evening announcement, intends to 9 billion 800 million yuan acquisition of 100% stake LETV pictures. Announcements, LETV May 12th received the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of inquiry after the reorganization, the company has been in accordance with the requirements listed on the letter of inquiry made a written explanation. After application, the company shares will be June 3rd opening date for the resumption of trading.


today’s opening date for restoration

every May 6th evening, LETV announced a major asset restructuring plan. Plans show that LETV intends to 41.37 yuan / share issue 165 million shares, and pay 2 billion 979 million yuan in cash, the total price of 9 billion 800 million yuan to acquire LETV holdings and other 44 shareholders holding 100% stake LETV pictures, including Zhang Yimou, Guo Jingming and other trading star Honglei Sun and the many; and intends to not more than 5 specific non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds of not more than 5 billion yuan.

performance commitments, film music as 2016~2018 annual net profit after deduction of non were not less than 520 million yuan, 730 million yuan and 1 billion 40 million yuan. Every investment treasure noted, LETV net profit after deduction of 573 million yuan in 2015.

in LETV announced the resumption of trading at the same time, also announced a revised major asset restructuring plan, on the basis of the original increase in the supplemental disclosure of the underlying company business revenue, the main business income of the top five movies etc.. Among them, Zhang Yimou, Guo Jingming, Gao Xiaosong, producer or director and film music as a "binding". According to the arrangement, Zhang Yimou served as artistic director of music studios, as its director and music studios exclusive shooting less than 5 movies; Gao Xiaosong and film music as the exclusive cooperation in at least 6 films, including at least 3 for 3 as a movie director, film producer; Guo Jingming is the screenwriter director, and the "grand track" and "future" a total of not less than 8 film and film music as cooperation project.

limit or fill down?

market is now most concerned about the stock market after the resumption of music as the trend.

is calculated according to the total market capitalization, the gem LETV currently sitting in second place, the GEM market value is the largest of Wen’s shares. LETV suspension before closing at 58.8 yuan, the corresponding total market capitalization of $109 billion 100 million, second only to the total market value of the shares of Wen’s shares of $164 billion 400 million.

in fact, in the A-share market, a major asset restructuring of Listed Companies in terms of A is a big positive, after the resumption of the stock price rose is not uncommon. Like the storm technology, music is also popular gem stocks. The two is also suspended in the gem index is high, is also a major reorganization of assets, the same is the acquisition of film company, with the gem index in May 31st volume rose 4.92%, which broke the long weak sideways pattern, so investors think.

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