Six tips for prospective entrepreneurs do not blindly jump into the circle


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April 1st, on-line to raise public shareholding in the Jingdong conference, CEO Liu Qiangdong launched to support grassroots entrepreneurship "multi-creation University"; not long ago, the former focused on commercial real estate Vanke Beijing area CEO Mao Daqing, is also the construction of real estate business incubator and the organic combination; in February this year, aimed at promoting the development of emerging industries Nanjing "321 talent plan" started in 2015 "Double Plan" reporting……

two words from the beginning of a brave attempt to change into a popular choice of employment. Financing process, which well-known business incubators and angel investors have become an essential knowledge before the start of the business, a variety of success stories also make the process more transparent. But there are a large number of new sites and APP soft, new services and to attract the eye to the Internet and mobile terminal application based science and technology circle has become xiangbobo.

living in North America, the wave of technological entrepreneurship is only rising, to Y Combinator led incubators also continue to cultivate a variety of successful startups. However, as the market direction of a technology start-up companies in the industry practitioners, background and trend of all kinds of small start-up companies, also have entrepreneurial ideas and talk to the students after the discovery in science and technology there are still some blind spots in common with the idea of the impulse, know how to operate, before see favorable resources around, grassroots entrepreneurs want technology circle to stand, or minimize the loss, we must recognize some of the facts, to see the status quo.

1, your idea is not a good idea.

at the beginning of many business minded people have such a misunderstanding: an idea to solve the problems of life, and think of their own technology and can realize, I thought this was a good idea, but it is far from perfect. There are a lot of commercial competitions in which the participants can explore and explain the basic concepts and analyze the market. Finally, from the perspective of the feasibility of the professionals to the development of the perspective of the winner, and its core, is not a simple evaluation of good and bad, but to see whether the idea of efficient market. For example, in a recent American Houston programming marathon, won the top is matched with the existing resources, such as two-dimensional code similar to the voice control code is derived from the Microsoft Azure project, and the two-dimensional code fast with Ebay and Venmo related pay. Such projects are often not obvious in solving problems in life, but only to make convenient upgrade of existing products, the market has a fast, but because based on the mainstream industry, before entering the market with less loss of retreat.

2, you are not in competition with their peers: the direction of the times and limited resources determine your opponent.

at the moment, there are very few people in the use of PDA or even electronic dictionary, they are not eliminated by peers, but in the whole industry hardware integration >

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