Qiu Chengyi before you start to get the domain name

recently, ah, ah, ah, founder Qiu Chengyi to talk about the entrepreneurial point of life, said: before you start to get the domain name. This can not help but think of Li Wanqiang, co-founder of millet a domineering roar: millet could not take the good domain name did not have a lot of Internet! A person with breadth of vision of the importance of entrepreneurship in the domain of sigh. Domain name in the end how important the enterprise, how to choose a good domain name


Qiu Chengyi who is



figure: go shoot ah

Qiu Chengyi, go to shoot ah (qupaia.com) founder, before doing a photographer, the Internet has also done for several years, and do the domain name investment. "Because I was doing photography, had a photography website, but a year and a half to renew, then see the Internet all up, I can’t look at it, I also do. I am prepared to shoot, do ah."

to shoot ah is a focus on the wedding of O2O companies, Qiu Chengyi said what he did is the liberation of wedding photography technology, create the brand photographer. For the new freedom, trust, personality, the ultimate service model, there is no high price, good service experience.

before you start to get the domain name


in the O2O under the opening of the air, the speech, Qiu Chengyi talked about the domain name, said before the business must first get the domain name. Lei Jun said if not take millet millet do not know things, he has done very well, but there are still some enterprises do not pay attention to, such as FAW Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen, you know his name? "He also evaluated shortly before the on-line Jiuding investment domain (jdcapital.com) is not very good.

domain name as a link between the enterprise and the user, it is like the brand, the brand has an important role in recognition, a good domain name can greatly increase the visibility of the enterprise on the internet. A memorable domain name, can not only help the terminal saved a lot of traffic fees and advertising fees, get advertising effect, but also can create and maintain the brand. This is why some companies are willing to spend money bought the domain name root.

such as millet in the case of xiaomi.com and other domain names, also spent $3 million 600 thousand to buy mi.com to enhance the brand image. Today’s millet, China has become the fourth largest Internet Co, valued at $45 billion. Jingdong mall original domain name 360buy.com, not only complicated and inconvenient memory, but also easy to confuse with the 360 brands, but also to pay a fee of about $60 million per year to search engines such as Baidu. But after enabling jd.com, Jingdong to throw off opponents several blocks in the field of electronic business, in a way ahead position.

what about those companies that don’t pay attention to domain names?


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