The nternet era methodology N life and death method of entrepreneurship


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recently said Lei Jun the next five years to invest in 100 companies to copy millet mode, which embodies a start-up company development mode after the result. When a company through a point such as product or community to grow up and to ensure survival will inevitably face development problems, and to explore the facts on the development it is necessary to summarize the various known development models. These models there is some way out is obvious.

: a living law monopoly type VS individual


has high performance in basically is the mode of a single product with the system, the mode of achievement will let people later face a soldier on the Spartan phalanx situation, a chance to win without. Domestic BAT and even the recent millet, foreign Microsoft, Google, Facebook are such a model, the ultimate goal of this model is a natural monopoly.

in order to expand from a single product to the system, the key is to grasp the association, the association is rooted in the product pattern and natural disposition. Fast iterative later undoubtedly beneficial to quickly identify the path, but don’t break this pattern and disposition. This seems to be a gift, the day after tomorrow’s effort can determine whether this talent can give full play to the problem, but can not break the limitations of this talent, unless you use the power of capital.

specifically, from the search to the social network is not an effective association, but from the electricity supplier to finance is. This seems to be a belated effort but you can see, this is the vertical distribution under applied field.

distribution is more like a simple tool, is more likely to be a large number of users of the time occupied by the APP annexation, but at the same time the distribution can not be arbitrarily expanded to the top of the entrance SNS. This was a terrible scene, when the space consciousness gradually separate and people spend more time on it, all kinds of new ideas will spread in the sense of space (such as the new XX APP really fun ah), the main battlefield spread is SNS, so the SNS related information directly to distribute inside is smooth. We see that something fun, directly to download a return than to start a distribution of APP to find a lot of convenience, as long as the contents of the SNS and the user needs of the association is good enough. But on the other hand, from the distribution to the SNS is not established, almost ten dead without health, there is no possibility of success.

from the distribution to SNS this can not return a product I said above are built a better understanding of talent and temperament, the talent and the disposition determines its foreign related direction, also determines whether it can system, and even determines the scale limit, for example, though this recruitment, tourism can become a pole, but naturally can not be BAT.

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