A NB technology fails to continue to do business or to make money

this two days with a NB technology to chat, he was a well-known Internet Co in the technology of middle, good team with very strong ability, 3 years ago, with the other two partners together 2 million business, to be a world changing products. A few years later, products generally do, also did not make money, the key is money almost, can only rely on external support, nurturing team products.

in the end is to continue to do the product, or to make money. His entrepreneurial reflection:

1, too idealization. Always want to use the product to change the world, the early days of the company made a lot of Silicon Valley fan, put all the toys on the ground, a lot of free food in the refrigerator. Technical architecture is the latest selection of RUBY, of course, recruit people are not good trick. Always want to realize their ideals and dreams, but not down to earth.

2, the wolf is not enough, not barbaric growth.

3, did not consider liquidation. At that time, when looking at this kind of vertical communities in the United States is good, hurry up, think of the product to do refinancing, the results of two years after the concept is no longer sought after by investors, but also did not consider how to make money.

4, technology is very strong, the operation is a big short board. He is doing a class of community products, reflecting that the first operation, products and technology is not the first. Neglect of operations may be the greatest enemy of many technical people. Baidu has three carriages that is the product + technology + operation, can not be neglected.

friends of the venture for nearly 3 years, their own money, and did not get a penny of wages from the company, is really a breath. He asked me for advice, I suggest that a period of time to complete the transformation, to give up the current product, the first to make money outsourcing, can not do?.

at the thought of Sun Taoran "business records" 36 sentence: postures, sichanlanda. The impression is very deep, and everyone on the road to share the students.

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