A new channel to make money on grassroots webmaster

as a person who has just been engaged in the tourism industry, I am very pleased to be able to quickly find a way to get started, and successfully get commissions from the internet. Remember at the beginning, I am also an online vagrant, groping for a long time, constantly looking for opportunities on the internet. By chance, I met the live network customer service, I was exposed to the hotel distribution, hotel distribution agents these terms. Hotel distribution means: signed a contract with the hotel reservation center reservation center, help hotel sales, get royalties from the middle.


and I know where to live in the customer service network, have an idea, is the guest book directly on my website, orders processed directly by each other’s reservation center, the number and processing state of me can timely monitor the order. In this way, we can as a reservation center partners, to help promote the hotel reservation center, and get the Commission from. Very convenient, easy to manage.

live which network, this site provides API Application interface. Which network has several other advantages without reservation center. The site of implantation of API free interface I, where the network of hotel information and prices, real state are synchronous and the main station, after their guests booked their orders directly into the live which net order library, I do not have to personally agency customer orders, to avoid the middle for some wine shop or full house price other issues, to reservations, and to explain the time and effort with the guests. Which network to provide the number of hotels, there are more than 300 cities in the country more than 5000 hotels. The account settlement is very convenient, free invoice, tax fee, commission last month the monthly settlement No. 25. Of course, you need to reach more than 100 commission into the Oh, but I believe that no one can not reach the amount of it.

in which network is the process of cooperation, I have become several reservation center agents, intermediate were compared carefully, finally come to live which net is a commission of the highest distributors, very trustworthy.

One of

‘s partners is Xie, and I’m on the way to Xie’s reputation. However, in the course of the use of the process as a result of the Xie found that the distributors feel their profit is not enough, and Xie Cheng policy is not good. Xie Cheng itself has more than 7000 hotels, but can give us only 3500 agents, a lot less than their own. Every time I have a guest here in my order, I personally in the Xie process under the network order, so it feels very cumbersome. Xie Cheng to our agent’s commission is also low, only to return to us 5%, and Xie Cheng himself directly from the hotel to get a commission of 20%, or even more. And I usually get third months to get the first month of the Commission, and also need to deduct taxes.

because I got very little Commission, after 3 months, I was looking for other agency opportunities. I am looking for second Yi dragon, Yi dragon is also a listed company, I think it should be better agency policy. Although become the distributor of Yi dragon >

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