Taobao shop to do free promotion ideas

We all know that Taobao

store cannot do without the network promotion, and promotion actually paid promotion and free promotion, such as compensation for the promotion of Baidu, Taobao express, advertising alliance, Taobao customers and so on, these good promotion methods, but also expensive, not suitable for the majority of Internet entrepreneurs start empty-handed. Today, Ling Bo talk with you about the free promotion of some ideas, we use the future, the effect is not worse than the charges.

a, use blog, sell yourself. Blog is a sign on the internet. Look at the blog of the style of decoration, can know the blogger’s personal tastes and preferences, reading blogs, bloggers can learn about life, work on perception and attitude, look at the blog comments, you can get some information from the blogger’s circle of friends. Basically by observing and reading a person’s blog, you can make the image of the master three-dimensional, details, so as to further allow readers to deepen the impression of bloggers. Therefore, a good blog, whether it is peer, friends or potential customers to see, are easy to resonate, and then have a good impression. If you have a loyal customer, you can not only retain customers, and even he will give you more orders. To do this, but usually work hard, more important is to write their own intentions, sincere sentiment, sincerity, Ling Bo think, the Internet is not illusory time behind the network, in fact, between the essence and the exchange of people, you are really hard, others will see get.

two, customer orientation, import flow in the first step, you have to create a good sign of their own, the following work is to do everything possible to attract people to look at your blog, because people do not know your blog, will not take the initiative to find you. The propaganda ways we are not unfamiliar, it is a forum posting, replies, sending messages and so on, want to say here is Ling Bo, before doing the propaganda, the first thing to do is to locate your customers, posting, sending a message is not without purpose, nor where to go high popularity. For example, you wrote a very eye-catching title "Taobao full-time Posts less than two months, a monthly income of over a million", the results you sent to the network owners to go, this effect is very little, the reason is very simple, there is a global network owners mostly experienced insiders, a look at the Title you know which exaggeration the majority, is not to the point of the title, but if this post, in the Taobao community, or some students forum, the effect would be much better. First positioning, after the implementation of this principle must be mastered.

three, positive interaction, the accumulation of contacts to do the traditional business, networking is very important, the same, do virtual fast charging Taobao project, the network is also very important. If you do pay promotion is to pave the way for advertising, then do free promotion is to rely on word of mouth bypass. From the beginning should be aware of the fast charging project investment is small, low starting threshold, his profit model determines you have to rely on the word of mouth to do the brand has a way out. Many methods also accumulated contacts, such as the current forum posting replies do publicity, in the quote > write high quality

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