Different tools App way the realization of the road threshold


Ge Xin

public utility class App realization of the threshold on the road more, more variables, cashing mode diversification.

from the beginning of 2012, the mobile Internet has entered a cooling channel. This cool, in fact, is not a player to exit the plate to narrow, but the overall pattern of industrial change. In the capital strength of the guidance and promotion, the advantage of resources towards the beginning of commercial applications with a clear future together, but failed to find clear business model in the application window, if there is not enough investment for continuation, it will exit.

obviously, the game, the electricity supplier applications (including O2O Class Applications), children’s applications and the re application of the nature of monopoly App have a clear business model. In addition to these four groups, there are still a large number of public tools. Roughly, these tools can be categorized into network and terminal tools, life information, life records, social media and multimedia. They obviously have user value, but in the commercialization of the road is often left behind by other applications.

for those not too late to start the App tool, to 2013 still apparently may face the same predicament — such as profit time is unpredictable; it will also usher in different opportunities — such as the same location of the probability of new competitors appear to have been very small. Tool application is at a crossroads.

however, whether it is running in the last mile, or a world without end of no return? Through the observation and analysis of these applications, may be able to manifest something more the essence of mobile internet.


tools for App applications are facing a common situation: the development of relatively low threshold and a large number of competitors two unfavorable situation. However, these applications can be retained to the present, has shown that it has considerable user value.

to Camera360 applications, for example, this is the birth of the App in June 2010, is one of the earlier than the Instagram camera class app, and in early 2012 has a user of 30 million. The number of Camera360 users in a very long time with the number of Instagram users. By the first half of 2012, Camera360 has got three rounds of financing, this round of financing is one of the second to China developers team at the time, it is very rare.

, however, Instagram was acquired by Facebook last year, can be said to the Camera360 and similar App a mixed hint. Hi is the acquisition price of Instagram to a certain extent to prove their value; worry is that Instagram gave up the road of independent exploration of profit, which they have ever been ambitious, now >

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