The former Amoy cattle station why has vanished

believes that Tao station friends know many famous cattle stations, such as the gem Tao home of Taobao, Taobao, 28 street, domestics etc.. These are the mom invited guest interviews, before this, their income although not in billboard, but the monthly income of 10000 yuan is not too difficult. And now, we can use Taobao guest partner links to check their website, the volume is not much difference with the ordinary web site, here are some of their own views.

: a station too much, in view of the present situation, the Internet is the lack of station, many people see and join Taobao billboard for guest (when he is). Which station such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain poured out of the cake, only so big, more and more people share. Income is hard to maintain.

two: site model, Amoy boss is to do their own procedures, very good. Now there are a lot of people with the TOP program, which I do not say that the spider has been tired of watching. Amoy boss classification using S8. Some people do not know the rebate model, although these sites will not be successful, but from the perspective of mode. There will always be some features of their own more than a single out. Besides, Taobao 28 street bar, in fact, really pretty good webmaster, Baidu was included in the two page, basically every day there are income. But if the club back, although many, but are small. Feel the effect is not too big.

three: site optimization, and then go to second points to say, Taobao is a shop Daquan model, but in this mode to operate a lot of. Do is to make a more detailed list of certain products. That is, a single page, you can search in Baidu, the best weight-loss drugs, the most effective weight loss drugs, such as keywords, there is a website can always ranked first. Here is not directly announced, I checked the site of the transaction, the day basically launched twenty or thirty weight loss products. A fifty or sixty, one day down there will be a more than 1 thousand, really cattle. But how many people buy links, how much effort we will never know.

four: the change in form, perhaps this is not the reason. But every thing has a tide rise and fall, perhaps some time ago, is the peak period of these cattle station. Now also started downhill, the mom is responsible, Amoy has come out for so many years, even a single system can not single out the introduction of voice spread, looking for customer service but also provide actually buy video. And finally we can only be talked about, eating again continue to do guest. I hope Ali mother can come up with some good policy, but also to provide such an exchange platform A5.

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