A qualified website planner should know

probably in June, once wrote a "a qualified website planning should know". Many friends and my QQ and my advice, and many problems are found in these friends in.

      site planning of the occupation should be regarded as a relatively new industry, it should start from the network in this industry, the early development of the website directly communicate design procedures, and even a lot of the website is a person and design and program, which is mainly manifested in some small personal site and enterprise website, some big the web site might be the site planning has begun to pay attention to. With the development of the Internet, the development of the site is also advancing rapidly, which is, more sites emerge, the site has a higher demand on the user experience and functional interaction. Compared to the early site we also know that a lot of Web site design is just looking at their own comfort, they can use a comfortable. There is no user experience (UE), there is no special user interface (UI) designers. This site has been unable to meet the needs of users. At the same time, enterprises and Internet companies have higher requirements on the quality and development efficiency of the website, so there is an urgent need for a position to coordinate the work between the program and design. Because if a company has both the program and the design, the direct communication between the program and the design will be a lot of problems, like the restaurant and the direct communication between the chef and chef. So as the most basic function of a website planning is to coordinate the work between design and procedures.

      however, this is only the most basic functions, like as a basic web programmer must know the HTML syntax, a lot of friends think site planning is a very empty seat, that anyone can do, this is completely mistaken. Before I write "star Wei a qualified website planning should know" articles have been marked the site planning should possess the knowledge, a lot of friends think as a web site planning just need to know how to write the article, picture frame diagram can be, actually on the surface can be completely, but the design of the website, function between programs are closely related. If you do not have comprehensive quality, so things are either useless, or let the program and design of fog. The reasons are as follows:

      1 if you do not understand the program, there is no basis for the minimum program, database interaction foundation. Planning out of the function may not be achieved, in a weak technology management company, the location of the planning is very important, if the function is not clear, the program can not be carried out.

      2 if there is no design basis, or UI development experience. As we all know, the design of the page may be too horrible to look at.

      3 if there is no network experience, then the planning function and page time >

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