Reflect on the BBS community core users decide the fate of the site

The core users of the

BBS community are broadly divided into the following types:

1,   management type: more inclined to BBS community management system, version management, user management

2,   type: writers published in the main, to the important role of

for community development

3,   reply exchange type: not to publish the main, but almost every post will be long-term with adhesive

community exchange users

4,   emergency type: mainly in the event of emergencies, but the event has played a decisive role in community development. For example, mop "bronze", "easy Yeqing Tianya", xcar’s "little horse brother" — for these people, especially the need to explain, when some large community fire, we found that largely depends on the event marketing, so there are some new sites on their own "do" out of the event. But these stations do their own out of the key users, we are not here to discuss the scope of. I mentioned above 3 examples, are not the station side to do out, and the event is entirely self generated by the user, the protagonist of the event is also our definition of unexpected type core users.

these 4 types of core users, have a common characteristic: they put into the original BBS community, 100% non commercial purposes; and, in the latter, a large proportion of the people still not for commercial purposes. According to Maslow’s theory, these core users on the BBS community is not for "security needs", and only one purpose: "social needs" and "respect for demand"; in particular, respect for the needs of

in front of my point of view is that the BBS community is to stand and core users as the representative of the active users, self-organization formed community". Because the core users of BBS community appeal is "social needs" and "esteem needs", so this makes as "community" of the BBS community is essentially "social needs and demands respect" platform, rather than the business platform (commercial transactions belong to a low level of "safety"). This is the fate of almost all self-organizing BBS communities.

wrote here, I need to bypass a stage’s content: when I finish the second part of this series, the "Chacha" in the DoNews don’t forget to remind me, "BBS professional community". In fact, in addition to the "professional BBS community", strip, typical xcar, and so on; there is a kind of "regional BBS community", massive, a typical representative of the Hefei forum, green Qingdao and so on; and the comprehensive forum, mop, West Temple and so on, we present Chinese network BBS community layout should be roughly the following three categories:

1,   professional (vertical) BBS community

2,   regional BBS community

3,   comprehensive comprehensive BBS community

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