On any project Wangzhuan mentality can be a champion

" people will make money doing what money " this sentence is a Wangzhuan training group leader said, he belongs to a class of Wangzhuan master figure, with a lot of people, in the group of more than and 50 people, but each project or after the introduction of creative Wangzhuan always only so ten people can earn money.


CJ, equally creative, promotion methods of sharing, there are people who sell the dishwasher, someone selling car navigator where tens of thousands of dollars, while others sell virtual host more popular, even the same product can do a waste station. There are doing Lead, the same is a product of CPA, in addition to two cents did not earn, most of the 200-2000 dollars, and that the number of people who can do some of the ten thousand or tens of thousands of dollars.

I Lead study is not much, not earn money that belongs to a class, but only 20% of the success of this phenomenon in reality in the Wangzhuan also fulfilled. No one can change the phenomenon of 2:8, but the change should be a lot of people can do. This gave it every day thinking about Wangzhuan, busy all day, the money is not enough electricity users to share now, I can think of the lesson.



Wangzhuan mentalityIn reality, in addition to

and winning the robbery, the same thing is not the rich people, the network is not possible. Don’t believe some of the brightly coloured Wangzhuan forum earned 500 ads are deceptive, the real money project is not two hundred or three hundred dollars can buy. If you are a monthly income of less than 2000 is the master project can tell you what to do where tens of thousands of dollars you also can not operate. Some basic things must be done in order to really understand, in order to go higher.

(2) any project champion

may have a lot of friends, talk about do Wangzhuan forum, closely reasoned and well argued, had done the novel download stations, stations, as did the SkyDrive project, click the project, is to not make any money, there may be some friends to light the blog above recommended items are registered, you can now PayPal a penny not received. In fact, some netizens why can I think of this situation, the main mentality is not practical, SkyDrive today, tomorrow and find the game project is also good, can only see others acquired quite a high income and click on the thought. And so on after the project is registered and found that these are too low, and someone to do an English website to hang up the ad on the income of 10000, I am also good English, I will do.

yes, you will be a English station, you can also apply for Google Union, these are not difficult, but you do have thousands on thousands of people, but how many people earn money, even a $1 payment click on station do not pay them even to the world the best items to you, I am afraid you can not do it. There is nothing wrong with the pursuit of height, but not how the foot of the mountain is possible until the peak?


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