Live hundreds of CEO Zhang Hengde a toss of the two rich generation to shift the cross-border short

this is a "toss" rich two generation and his entrepreneurial story.


two rich generation, do not know what time to start to become more like a "bad word" never seems suitable for the description of a young man, because you can associate a series such as laziness, luxury, ambition and so on no such words and three words with. Therefore, the rich but three generations is also the Chinese people often hang on the verbal Millennium ideas.

Wang Sicong how many people feel that the rich two generations who also have a very interesting place, in fact, this is only in the elimination of misunderstanding. The well-to-do youth, if their moral rectitude and willing to learn, in general, can see more than those who was born in general. I did not deliberately go to the distinction between the two, but in the development process of the individual, the rich two generations who do occupy a lot of congenital advantages.

Zhang Hengde’s parents and uncle early founded the "Albert consultant" has now become trained "I love my family, this group has so coveted a teenager was at the age of more than and 20 as I love my family group executives. But the nature of toss him, but chose to escape the family business category, choose their own business, from the rich two generation to the generation of change.

first saw Zhang Hengde in the dark horse contest, he appeared as a guest, make comments for the contestants, modesty steadfast, and indeed people the "rich" cognitive difference. Then about the interview process, also keep a grace, and I interviewed other entrepreneurs, as.

and the restless, unstable adolescent

talked about childhood, Zhang Hengde talking, the young rich experience is indeed curious heart suddenly.

The growth process of

Zhang Hengde should be done with "I love my family group" growth, in a family business, he also "resuscitation" so early. 13 years old, most of the children of this age are still entangled in endless homework and can not buy Transformers, Zhang Hengde and small partners began to start a business". A few small "friend" love in Zhongguancun sell second-hand computer parts and their bicycle accessories, on their website (at the time of the Honker Union Forum) and sell, the magic is in Beijing, Fangzhuang and Chongwen region generation is still a slight reputation. In 90s, can earn more than 2 thousand yuan per month, but also on the high school students daily. Zhang Hengde joked, "at that time, Ma Yun, not Taobao".

and most of the energy surplus, but can not find suitable for the export of adolescent boys. The Zhang Hengde high school rebel active, trouble everywhere in the school, school and peers often fight, as a key observation object. Zhang Hengde himself said, "later, I realized that, for people to come out and fight what can not solve the problem, the endless, just not used to a cavity blood"

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