Peng Yongjun the nternet when people see Wangzhuan only to make money

why do not make money: the Internet is a tool in our hearts

when everyone was concerned about the Internet and telephone booking, when everyone was concerned about south of the northern snow days, when everyone in the NetEase, Tencent, Sina care when Hu signed 20 Boeing machine. Everyone cannot do without the same tool, is the Internet, telephone booking need to know through the network booking process, through the network query whether there are tickets, the phone has been unable to meet the people to understand the frost heavy snow in the South and north of the day, if there is no Internet, Hu visited the United States to sign a large single how many people know even if you know? Also to wait for the evening news! So we should understand that the Internet is our necessities.

in 2004 when contact with the Internet, has always felt that it is a good tool, through which he can understand the world, through which he can know the current national economic situation and international situation. At that time, in Chinese should know that the Internet is still relatively small, understand the Internet is less, the application will basically just a few only, in the past six or seven years, the Internet has become the oral cicada, for example, today to pick up the tickets, a white haired grandfather all can chat Internet chat so happy, now the children do not even have a baby, my colleague was two to see him playing on the phone to grab the poor dad play? So that the Internet has affected every generation of people at present. It can be said, do not understand the Internet is equivalent to the twentieth Century diploma. The Internet is just a tool like a diploma is just a piece of paper.

how to make money: the Internet when people look at

in the current network broadcast Tinghuo a military TV drama "fifth space", I personally think it is a very good TV, worth a look, look at him, you will know what is the pursuit of life goals, people live for what, if you are not clear, do not need to what about Wangzhuan, TV there are many classic dialogue, many small fragments of stories are memorable, "the hero wanted to do one of the most outstanding pilots, as long as the first to do is to sit second of his friends to this day Ming, he always Fenfenmiaomiao in the operation of the helicopter, to every high difficulty movement to learn however, he neglected to take care of the aircraft, will protect it." The coach asked him, do you know what a pilot? If a plane does not care for the people who want to drive it? The pilot is to be all in one, the highest state is closed eyes can fly. Said so much, in fact, do Wangzhuan is the same, we can not only use the Internet as a tool to make, we should take it as a person, be treated equally, with the philosophy of life thinking to Wangzhuan, do not make money are difficult, the Reds Wangzhuan qiushida, Wang Tong, Mou Changqing, understand, all is the number one look at these people, usually blog, found more and more Wangzhuan is actually a man. When you think of it as a tool to make money equal to you, it will certainly be happy to help you.

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