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recall three years ago, we are still in the design of this product, and now has nearly one hundred thousand users in use, the number of users to create the chart has been close to one million….

at the beginning of May 2011, we decided to take a long time " idea " landing, to do a drawing tool based on browser. A window to achieve the standard map, no longer need to download and install, and through the Internet to achieve cloud storage, no matter when and where you can open the Baidu can do online map.

name origin

we were the first to solve the problem is to give it a name, at first we just want to realize process map, then LinkedIn is abroad is fire, which is a professional social workplace, consisting of Linked and In, we will learn from the way it is our composition, flow chart of online online (process) tools, and later formed the ProcessOn, we hope that one day like LinkedIn ProcessOn can become a global service users love products.

R & D process

the end of May 2011 we began to develop ProcessOn, is actually an online designer, then spent 4 months on the network test on the line, the first line is a large volume of Flash, through the Flash can do some basic map.

Then we improve the

side of the designer, while doing the surrounding functional development, which was made of file management functions, to 2012 February, the entire station has a basic prototype, users can do a very good plan and manage their own files.

we formally deployed on the afternoon of February 6th on the line, we called it the Beta version, we later gradually increased the team and sharing functions.

with ProcessOn and N+1 continue to improve, and user communication, we feel the Flash version of the designer has been unable to meet the needs of users, you must install the Adobe plugin does not say before use, because of its great size, every time before loading time is long, there are problems such as. At that time, HTML5 has just prevailed in the country, we have decided to give up after a number of years before the Flash designer to do a year ago, based on HTML5 to develop a new version of the designer.

2012 June, we start to plan the new designer, start all over again…. after a year of testing and improvement, in 2013 at the end of June, we successfully launched new designer. In December of the same year, we are on the line for the front-end designers need iOS and UI map, we are now ready to do the mobile terminal and mind mapping.

first user

February 6, 2012

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