Share some special GG Adsense ad styles

sometimes, we see some sites on the Google Adsense advertising, and get our own Google Adsense background style of advertising have many differences, such as different size, click on the larger area, with a lot of keyword search box below link. What’s the matter? Can we do this by ourselves?

this special advertising style, including three cases:

1 publishers unauthorized modification of advertising code. To modify the code to achieve such a style, very simple. However, this is a violation of the policy, as long as it is found or reported, it is likely to be stopped account.

2 publisher is a big customer of Google adsense. For example, Sina’s Adsense advertising, its size, click on the region, are quite different from the ordinary publisher (Figure 1), the reason is that sina is a big customer google. Big customer advertising style can be customized. In this regard, we can only sigh small publishers. Adsense to any third party alliance special advertising style. Google will work with a number of third party alliance companies, the alliance’s customers put advertising is also a Google Adsense ad, and the style is given to the Google by the Federation of third separate custom (see Figure two). However, customers do not deal directly with google. If you want to put this kind of advertising, you can find this kind of union to register (in order to avoid advertising suspicion, here does not list the list of such alliances, if necessary, Q I 1009797623). In this way, due to the addition of a middleman, so the price will be lower, generally do not recommend looking for third party alliance to put Google Adsense advertising.


(Figure 1)


(Figure two)

again reminded: do not modify the Google Adsense ad code to achieve the effect, which will cause your account to be stopped.

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