Ali mother in the end is the blessing or disaster

it is undeniable that Ali mother helped me this little Adsense a favor, because as long as the time, no matter how much money can be earned. So many people should be touted.

However, after

webmaster hung Ali mother advertising code, your site will reveal some secrets — such as IP, PV, of course, if there is no secret even if necessary, need to be kept confidential to the other said that. There are worse than that is below 5 in the list of advertising sites recently most visited web site, which to buy advertising advertisers; this will become a judge whether the site is cheating in reference, for example, found listed in the URL of a website and is the domain name irrelevant answer, that affirmation is cheating site! There are other ways to check here, I will not show a!

but for those honest do stand, and the need for secrecy website owners, these are not should be open, just imagine: if someone finds several competitors through the website, Ali Mama advertising look at several sites which most visited what is the content, take over full your own website. Does that help? So, if some sites need to be confidential, do not recommend the total station put Ali mother’s advertising, but should be selected.

this involves a problem: Ali mother is the site should be more open information, more transparent, to protect advertisers, remove the cheating site. Or should not be so transparent?

brothers to the third rookie Admin5 soft Wen, I hope to get a lot of criticism and criticism predecessors!

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