Opportunities and complementary personal website with mainstream site panorama

host: the last topic we discuss this afternoon is opportunity and complement, personal website and mainstream website.

Moderator: Thank you very much for a

forum, first I correct you, I am not Google, our web site called the dog, may and Google have a lot of similarities, very early in the NetEase. When doing the portal, there is a clear desire, is said to have development so many small sites quickly grow very fast and then in the industry portal, although there is a big platform, but the door is not enough on me a NetEase auto channel, may in the whole automobile industry is not very hard before the exam, we have 5, 6 billion 600 million NetEase, why can’t we just go out directly, to play and every industry portal site, from the point of view, he is from the van to college, from individual owners in terms of people more hope from the college to fan, this is at present This, including two years of confrontation, when in Wensheng stationmaster Congress, a lot of people are the real owners, the whole situation has been carried out, I think a lot of personal websites could challenge the portal.

personal website is also likely to challenge the status of the mainstream site, and I think in the scope of today’s energy, I hope everyone together to explore, from the portal, from the personal website of some of our ideas.

introduce yourself first.

guest: I represent the sky Tai Chi chain, I figure is Wang Wei king, I Zhang Jun on behalf of Sogou, I am Hua Jun software park, Hua Jun, Hello, I’m Li Wanqiang Kingsoft online, here today pretty nervous, today you are in such a famous Chinese stationmaster, Jinshan or a IT role on the field.

Moderator: how do you from the fan to the special, you are how to consider.

Li Wanqiang: Jinshan software started early, today the Internet business, we just started, many did not enter into the threshold, the threshold is what we do have to do is train of thought, then the Internet, Jinshan traditional products, because we see later by the throat and paid channel mode in recent years the Internet, forced us to do the Internet service, Kingsoft established the internal internet division, all products first solve the company’s responsibility, the Internet platform, a work which we currently do, including the work permit.

because of this I think with my friends yesterday, when I spoke to the Jinshan former colleagues, his website to sell now, he told me a very shocking words, is a monograph, is a person after nearly 4 years, which then I let you what I think. Sure to monographs, for future development of Jinshan to ask for a certain book, but books behind in terms of must choose you more love and fit your business, you can book. Back to the Jinshan Jinshan cost in terms of the Internet, the Jinshan traditional brand, currently PowerWord, put the word.

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