My money off the tragic history of Taobao

time flies, is engaged in the Internet this line has two years. The process is important, but the results are a bit sad, did not earn a penny. He decided to change careers, since this line is not suitable for me, why force yourself? This time inadvertently found Taobao customers, peers are coming every day every day to see hundreds of thousands of the webmaster where, but their time will be the boss because of various highfalutin excuse my pay deduction, is really very depressed.

for a variety of reasons, it is the work of the resignation, single-minded business Taobao. When I started to work hard, put down to save money on the full use of space and domain name. Because of his university’s programming, so this is very confident, not thinking about online free software, the website is made out of people, so in the construction site to spend a lot of thought. It took me a week to record the data. Because they do not have the record number, you have to wait for the record number and then upload their own procedures. Waiting for more than a month’s time also let me find another part-time, is similar to the site editor, also let me earn some pocket money.

wait for the process, although a bit difficult, but when the record number out of the day, really happy bad. I do not think their hard work in vain, I did not expect a pile of good things, one day, when I was on the Internet, open my site to see, actually sold a mobile phone, it is a hard work a harvest. Then I went every day to increase the site of the original site outside the chain can not relax, but this month’s harvest is absolutely empty, I really don’t know what to do.

but this feeling is only temporary, less than a week, and the good news, my site was a large number of Web sites included, the site is also a surge in visits. But at the same time also encountered a thorny problem, I put a drop right by the website of K plus Links, cause I was retreated by K, it is extremely urgent, but things have a solution, anxious useless. Although the problem has not been resolved, but fortunately he had met, there is experience. I also want to remind the webmaster here, when adding Links can be extremely careful ah, finally this paper from the first reprint please indicate shopping:, welcome to discuss learning


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