The depth of entrepreneurship — the fifth levels of the world

most of the world’s operations are not happening in front of you.


Tom (Wang Wenhua) dream school, the first time I realized this model, it is published by MIT H. scholar Daniel Kim in 1999, used to describe the five levels to see the world of a person, that is we often say that the "depth".

is called the "event", which is what happens in front of us, for example, the days get shorter and the nights get longer. The event to see more, you will begin to perceive "patterns", for example: at this time of the year, will be the beginning of the day than at night. With the help of a human being, it is only possible for humans to be observed, so why in the iceberg above, the next three levels are buried in the sea.

in many feel regular people inside, there are a few curious people will want to know what makes law, they started to make all kinds of tools to help them better understand the world, so the telescope was invented, some people began to know in our living on the earth, the tilt of the earth around the sun the revolution, so there will be four, this is the so-called "structure".

down is the "mind" model, design of such a structure is why the initiator of evil. Of course, in the above example, we have to create the "people" of the universe to move out, but it is difficult to prove the corollary discussion inevitably touches (God to let her people live a meaningful life, so the design of the structure), so we have to change the example. If you observed event is "full 5000 to send 500 anniversary" law will occur two times a year, because the structure is to store each time to stimulate, to inventory, so there is such a law.

so the structure behind, what is the "mental model"? First of all, is the department store owner wants to "make money" (buy), do not want to "lose money" (inventory, opportunity cost). In addition, will choose to use "full send over a hundred thousand" such concessions, rather than direct discount, it should be for the brand value of the damage is low, and after consumers get 100 yuan coupons, often need to buy more goods, will further allow the department store to earn more money. Since such activities effectively, why do two times a year, but not every day do? Of course, because if too often do, consumers feel is not unusual, it lost the stimulate effect. Of course, this kind of thinking can continue, but so far, I think you probably caught the "mental model" means.

finally, one level deep, called a "container", what it is, is "limited mental model that thing", is also the initiator of evil "values. In the above example, department store old >

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