Application of joint founder Yuan Cong review the path of profitable exploration


mentioned in the app store, the majority of developers and industry insiders think they are dominant in the advantage of a party, call them to the mobile Internet Era "channel", and will master the application of life and death last ring corresponding to each other. But in fact, and Groupon of 2010 brought thousands of war heat, app store is an instantaneous influx of hundreds of game player but the last remaining few areas, the survival of the fittest applies to them. For large companies are not born, the resources are not so rich start-up companies are more difficult. Application of exchange incubator innovation works on the profitability of groping my way to many way, after walking several detours and mature industry chain Mobile Games eventually hit it off, has now achieved millions of monthly earnings. This article is an interview with the application of the joint founder and COO Yuan Cong, he shared with us a few times the application of profit earnings, as well as the future trend of the application store view.

exploration: the application store for what profit rule

Chris Anderson wrote that three kinds of profit model in the "free" in one book, one is the advertiser pays three party transaction mode, one is the direct cross payment model, the last one is the gift economy type.

the first time, the application had wanted to do a direct cross payment mode, which is the most common way to follow the example of Apple’s App Store to pay for the application. This is a small test of the water, the application is to be done in the custom shop to manufacturers, the need to pay to download the application. But because the user is not high degree of recognition, no one to pay, this road will soon prove unworkable. Then the application turned to the production of advertising SDK, trying to get revenue from advertisers.

followed in 2011, the application of the "fish" ad SDK was born. This product is intended to be embedded in the app store in the application of cooperative advertising advertisers, earn and the developer is divided into the remaining advertising costs. But after the implementation of the discovery, the ideal model and the reality gap.

"the theoretical model is that we keep 30%, the remaining 70% to those who help us distribute (advertising) developers. But when you talk to the developers, people will not say that you received 100 dollars for us, but I sold you a download how much money, this is the pattern of the 70. The sink is a middleman, a head in a head in the purchase flow, advertisers, procurement flow must ensure that less than advertising money, but really do it, will find the money may buy far more advertising money is greater than the cost of your earnings." Yuan Cong said.

he believes that advertising on the other hand, SDK is not successful, from the mobile advertising itself problems. If the advertisement in the advertisement SDK access app download, use >

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