Do a little Amoy four months experience

I am from March 2009 15 to start doing Taobao guest, where I was also dismissive, I think: do this which can earn any money ah. But there are no other things to do, so I will try to hold the psychology began to do.

first, the beginning of the Taobao

wanted to do it, I spent more than half a month. Careful analysis of the Taobao guest, found that there are a lot of promotion model, suitable for different people to do. There is a single product promotion, shop promotion, search promotion, and later also a API promotion. Single product promotion and shop promotion for a blog, a wide range of communication, time enough to do, I go to work 8 hours a day, want to play games, so it is not suitable for me. The search for the promotion of the site, and there is a certain amount of visitors, and not with me. So I can only think about API’s doctrine. API is equivalent to the inside of Taobao, do all of the goods to the promotion of their own site above, so there is a good advantage is: search engine can search a lot of my web site. This can bring a certain amount of traffic through the search engine, just for me so that it will not promote, no time to promote people who are too lazy to promote.

two, with API site

because I used to learn ASP, use ASP website. I have seen the API, found that ASP can be used to call the API, so I went to apply for a good Taobao passenger and good binding Alipay account. Because these are the necessary conditions for API, then apply for API, I did not expect it by second days, and send me a API manual (like a service to speed Duman place). Spent half a month’s time to do a good job of the site (pig music online shopping: http://s., do a good job, I would like to upload to the top of the site to go to space, and every day to see.

three, waiting for the process

in order to make the search engines of my website, I go to the forum, the signature on my web site. Sure enough, soon Baidu and Google search record, see Search Search recorded my website, very happy. Because of this I can wait for others to buy things through my website, as long as others through my website to buy things I can make money. So every day to see traffic statistics, every day to see the income of Ali mother. I was disappointed in the beginning of one or two, because the income is basically zero. Only second months before the income of $more than and 40, not even the domain name to earn back.

four, sudden surprise

to mid – second months, I started the site one or two days have income, sometimes a few blocks, sometimes dozens, sometimes more than and 100 (of course rarely). But I have seen the hope, very happy. From this time I decided to do the Taobao guest, although the income is not very high, but I believe it will continue to rise slowly

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