How to sell a good price Networking is sometimes more important than the product


mobile Internet industry mergers and acquisitions in recent years. Some startups at a high price married at the same time, some products have a good startup company, but eventually put up the shutters. Why are these companies completely different fates? According to the analysis of American news website BusinessInsider, a new record for the company hopes to be acquired, sometimes, people is more important than the product. For different scales of mergers and acquisitions, the network and the weight of the product has a different impact.

22 year old Miller founded Branch company. He succeeded in building a gorgeous Advisory Group for his start-up company, including Twitter co-founder Williams and Stone. Recently, Branch was Facebook to spend $15 million acquisition.

Stamped, founder of Google’s former employees, but also by another senior Google – YAHOO CEO Meijer acquisition.

it’s hard to say if the founders of these companies do not have a strong scientific and technological resources, and whether their company can be bought for tens of millions of dollars. But it is clear that a good network, there is no harm.

recently, on this topic, BusinessInsider also conducted an interview in Silicon Valley. Many people said that for the new technology companies, the connections and products are both important, but for small acquisitions, the importance of the network even more than the product. Among them, the identity of the early investors, will be decided after the acquisition of fate.

for large-scale mergers and acquisitions (as well as the founder of the exit), the product is more important than the network, but it is necessary for science and technology entrepreneurs to know as many people as possible.

Potter (Dan-Porter) is currently providing guidance to the new company, he had set up his own company, the price of $two hundred million transferred to the social gaming company Zynga. Potter said that the success of a certain scale of mergers and acquisitions below, depending on the founder of the network, as well as to know the scope of the company’s staff. If you know the company before the acquisition, which will reduce the risk of acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions is easier to achieve.


(Jacob-Mullins) can be considered for this problem have deep understanding, he is Exit-Round’s CEO, the company specializes in large technology companies and small start-up companies, the two sides can contact mergers and acquisitions. Mullins firmly believes that the importance of interpersonal relationships for three main reasons:

first, entrepreneurial team must have a "personal representative", he can on behalf of the company and the product external position, when M & a contact, also need such a staff to the acquirer on the unique value of the product and the company’s location.

secondly, the network can help the new company to access the earlier

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