How to let Baidu union advertising price super Google

for the majority of our home owners who, through advertising alliance to make money is definitely the main part of the site’s revenue. Because now in addition to several domestic Sohu like Sina, the super portal to worry about advertisers directly to home, a lot of sites (particularly those who are not content flow advantages of the site) is not possible to directly find your advertising. In this case, the advertising alliance advertising has become our (including with art their own) these small Adsense is almost the only source of income. Even some of the more well-known sites in the advertising alliance advertising. This also shows that the owners of the helpless and the reality of the situation.

with the following arts to briefly introduce the reality of the domestic advertising alliance (pull the door get ax). Most of the domestic webmaster should do Baidu alliance or Google alliance. Why do not have to say it, of course, now the domestic advertising alliance is overwhelming too much. The flying advertising alliance of our webmaster advertising alliance is actually very low, do not say what your customer service attitude, at least less quantity, timely support (whether pay day week monthly payment, pay point is how much, as long as the day specified in the payment on time payment is OK. ). But is this small can meet the requirements of domestic advertising alliance has many? Deduction amount is too normal, very simple, does not deduct the amount, the advertising alliance how to make money? The amount deducted is almost the advertising alliance owners make money mainly means. Therefore, you have to do advertising, do not want to amount detained is not possible. Some advertising alliance claims is not the amount of deduction, in fact, those are CPA advertising, the successful audit conditions are very strict. Change to CPC, CPM advertising you dare not say the amount of money with their own art CPM more than 1 thousand ad to you to settle the amount of more than and 70. This leads to a problem, since the amount can not be avoided, do not put advertising? So how can we eat it? Of course, with the arts is not the meaning of it. Since the amount is inevitable, we have to choose a small amount of advertising alliance. What is the amount of advertising alliance deduction is certainly not less than the amount of money advertising alliance deduction. When it comes to understanding. In the end what advertising alliance will not be deducted or less amount of deduction. With the art for everyone first is Baidu and Google alliance. First, Baidu Inc and Google Corporation are not rely on advertising alliance started advertising alliance is not their main source of income, they are domestic and international big Mac level sites, they are short of money advertising deduction amount. No other advertising alliance. With art in this really can not find a worthy recommendation.

based on the above, along with the art recommended is Baidu and Google two alliances. Through the convenience of payment channels, Baidu is the first choice for our owners. Of course, everyone respected Google alliance is also very much Oh, why? Is at the lowest price of the Google 0.01, and high price (domestic click around one click a few yuan of money even tens of dollars, but with art always does not touch on these good things). With the arts began to do is Google alliance. At the beginning of this year

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