How to do the new online education entrepreneurship project in old bottles


today, Jiayuan CEO Gong Haiyan and the famous angel investor Xu Xiaoping online education continues on micro-blog for their investment of 91 teachers net campaign, Xu Xiaoping at the beginning of this year that "after two years of online education may be as ubiquitous as electricity supplier". Today, online education platform Tutorspree received $800 thousand in additional investment, and Donews founder Liu Ren also entered the last year for the online education institutions, and directly predicted "online education in 2013 will be the outbreak of the year……"


there is no doubt that online education has become a new hotspot in the Internet industry, and this year is likely to usher in the outbreak.

online education is currently a variety of modes, basically can be summarized as the following three categories:

(1) one in one online mode

This is the

mode of online education and new adventure mode, is more representative of the 91 teachers, 91 Teachers Network and InstaEDU, by Gong Haiyan and Xu Xiaoping, and American InstaEDU in May last year has received a $1 million angel investment. The advantages and disadvantages of this mode of online education online one is very obvious, they highlight is a real-time interaction and learning effect, teaching disadvantage is high cost and need to cultivate the market — after all spend for him almost as much, but only teachers and online interactive teaching, many users still difficult to accept. Also, this mode of business website profit ability is limited, most of their income contribution in the teacher divided into, according to insiders 91 to I horse said, they completed a one-on-one education percentage is only about 1/15 or less. This online education model is successful, and large-scale expansion, there are still questions.

(2) of real-time online, or taped course mode

this online education model is the most basic and most ancient online education mode, is now the main force in the online education industry. Donews founder Liu Ren in the last year, a large number of capital injection and served as director of Lee, said Lee is the most popular exchange course SEO marketing has won more than thirty thousand students pay online classes. By Babeta (Shangmail) IT Qingyuan online training education website co-founder Cheng Kaizheng created, launched less than 3 months can have stable revenue, for the Internet to "burn" for example, this is rare, it is also proved that the strong market potential of Internet education.

abroad, this model has been popular for a long time, for example, a lot of well-known open class and TED, while trying to create an online version of the Harvard University The Minerva Project won 25 million U.S.

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